The Wolf’s Mate Book 1 Draft Finished…..

The countdown begins today!  I finished (finally) all seventeen chapters in review of the first Wolf’s Mate / Jason & Cadence’s story and sent it off to my faithful beta reader KG for her input.  I’m fairly confident that it’s clean and free of errors, or at least not so glaringly full of them that people stop reading.  In fact, I’m plowing through a short story right now about a boxing promoter that’s so full of errors I can hardly stand it.  I would be ticked if it weren’t a freebie.  I want to be a little nicer about the free ones but dang!  Even my spell check can catch a misspelling of clit! 

What a relief to get TWM Book 1 off my to-do list.  I have a tentative cover and added the first chapter of the 2nd book to the end along with this blog address and I realized after reading two short stories today that I need to do a disclaimer that I haven’t bogarted anyone’s stuff, which I haven’t of course.  I’m very thankful to have been directed to a translation website when looking for names of things.  It’s how I settled on Garra for the name of the one wolf pack, thanks again to my beta angel, and it means Claw in Spanish I think.   I just used it to come up with a cool last name, too, although I confess that there’s an application on iTunes for choosing your “vampire name” that comes up with the most interesting names. 

I had the nicest surprise in advice from one author who I’m a big fan of and she suggested I put out a few short stories on smashwords before I actually publish my first novel and so right now while KG is reading her little  heart out for me over the next week or two, I’m going back over my computer folder of ideas and story starts to see what I can pull from.  My problem is that I’m not really a short story person.  I just can’t seem to do anything on a small level.  When I create a character, I look at the long term.  How can I make this book so good that I have to write a sequel?  It’s why TWM has six books going right now, including two off shoot series also in the works.  This is also why I get up so early in the morning, there’s always something to write.  I  know for sure that I’m probably going to blow the dust off my witch/wizard story.  If I cut to one part, it will be a nice short story and if I’m inclined I can make another short story of it as a sequel.  One of my gems that I love but haven’t been able to finish.  So that’s something to enjoy working on.

For now, I’m glad it’s Friday and I’m glad that TWM is just that much closer to being published.  To know that in a few weeks someone may be downloading something that is near and dear to my heart and hopefull (hopefully!) enjoying it just fills me with such joy.  What a fun ride this has been.  Happy Reading!  -R


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