Short Story Hell

Upon advice, I’m trying to write a few short stories to publish in advance of publishing my first full length novel, The Wolf’s Mate book 1.  However, what is failing me right now is that I am having a hell of a time writing a short story!  Everything I’d ever done is with an entire novel in mind.  I had no idea that trying to pump out a short erotic romance would be so difficult!

I heard from my sweet reader KG that she’s hoping to get TWM back to me at the end of the week all reviewed.  I’m ecstatic.  Even though I already found a few errors right after I sent it to her.  Why is it so difficult to see our own mistakes?

I just finished the most delicious novella that takes place at a resort in Australia.  I have two new freebies to read today, and thanks to my birthday tomorrow (the 14th anniversary of my 21st birthday, thank you very much), I’m happy to say that my Aunt has funded my Kindle and I am finally getting a few books on my must-read list to enjoy for the next week or two. 

I added a page to the blog yesterday about the Tressel Pack from TWM.  It’s kinda boring, though, just names and some stats.  I guess I shouldn’t call my own stuff boring.  🙂  At any rate, I’m going to add another page for short stories in the next day or two.  I picked up a book I started a few months ago that I can actually break down into three separate books.  It’s an alien story, and the girl who said she didn’t like the captured-by-an-alien book has three of them potentially lined up.  I guess life is funny like that.  I’ve read a handful of alien romances but I can’t say I actually really have liked any of them.  They all seem to have that heroine that fights to go home until she gives into their pleasurable torture so they can keep her forever.  I’m not against that sort of thing, but I don’t plan for my alien books to be like that.  I think I need a good alien book that doesn’t involve that sort of thing, and while I’m at it, I’m going to wish for a decent Cyborg story and a decent Merman story.  I have read two series of cyborg stories along with a few other stand alones and although there are gems, I’m mostly let down.  Maybe I set my sights too high.  But mermen?  Where are they?  I’ll have to think about adding that to my need for a short story.  A cyborg merman?  Interesting!  I just can’t fathom why anyone would make one, but it might be sexy as hell.

Back to writing.  I’m totally procrastinating right now as I think of a name to replace the one in the story that doesn’t quite fit like I want it to.  Happy Reading!  -R


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