Closer & Closer….

First we battled a hurricane here on the East Coast.  And then our family went to Newport for a few days to decompress.   Since I don’t normally write during “family time” such as on the weekends, I had three full days with nothing but my imagination churning out scenarios and dialogue with no real way to write anything down.  Luckily, I have a great memory so I do recall what I wanted to get down, and mostly I was trying to figure out a few story lines I’ve got that just plain don’t make sense to me but I’ve sort of written starting at chapter 2 and figured out eventually I’ll get to the “why” of the scenario for the books but they elude me.   For example, in TWM book 2, I’ve written a capture scene but frankly have no clue how the person in question actually got captured.  I know it has to happen, but I just can’t figure it out for now.  Fortunately, since I haven’t published the first book yet or my short stories, I guess I won’t worry about it too much right now, but still.  Annoying.

I had an idea for a follow-up novella to the first one about were-bears and I think I will like it a lot better than the way I’d originally planned to go.  Yes I have vague thoughts to give the main characters in the books their own stories, but I’m not quite done with the main female in the first book I don’t think.  Letting her get off with a happy ending just doesn’t seem quite fair to all in question.  Again, I’m messing with my characters but I guess that’s my right!

Newport is beautiful.  The mansions, the cliff walk, the scent of ocean everywhere – it’s a veritable plethura of sights and images.  Behind my sunglasses, I planned people’s lives as they moved around me and it was a great exercise in creativity.  Seeing the ocean up close again has renewed my interest in writing a mermaid/merman story.  I think they are sorely lacking in the market right now.  The last one I read had barely anything to do with mermen at all, only the seduction of the human woman.  Granted, it was a good seduction, but still, I wanted it to be about mermen and mermaids and their underwater world.  I want to believe that somewhere in the depths of the dark oceans that there is a world of mer-creatures with their own laws and rules and that as humans we wouldn’t be welcome.   But of course, love conquers all.  Right?

A few things I’ve learned over our short vacation:

1.  You can’t trust a 9 year old to spray sunscreen on your back.  Yikes.

2.  Don’t drive through Manhattan during lunch hour.  Or at all.

3.  People are rude all over.  If someone can sit down in front of you and block your view, cut you off in traffic, or grab your place in line, they will.  And not think twice.

4.  The sunset on the water is gorgeous and it’s one of my favorite things to see.  End of day, start of night, promise of things to come.

5.  You can have too much shrimp.

6.  You can’t go anywhere now without being hustled.  Buy a bottle of water from a guy with a cooler sitting in the parking lot?  Um….no thanks.

7.  Coffee on a quiet beach in the morning is just about as close to heaven as I think we mortals can get.  If I still smoked, I would have had the trifecta. 

8.  There will always be someone fatter than you in a smaller bathing suit, so suit up!

9.  It’s always good to get home.

This week, I’m going to re-review my were-bear short story and send it off to KG for perusal.  She had hoped to have her grammatical review of TWM1 by Friday but time eludes us all sometimes.  I will plan to also work on my follow-up to the were-bears and maybe think about mermen some more.   Happy Reading!  -R



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