Plan Much?

With the first novella completed, I’ve thrown myself head first into the follow-up to it but now I’ve lost my gusto.  I’m not sure if it’s just a little case of writers block or if I’m just not happy with the way I took the story.  The funny thing about writing the first novella is that it had started out a few months back as an exercise in writing a sassy, sexy witch character with a bedroom full of men.  It wasn’t supposed to be a serious book, or rather, it was supposed to be both serious and funny, which I think some of my favorite erotic books can be.  The snarky heroine, the sarcastic hero…I just love that.  At any rate, I may have to go back to the drawing board with the follow-up. Since I haven’t actually published the first one yet (or anything for that matter) it probably doesn’t matter at the moment.  I’m very hopeful to have the first novella published on Smashwords by the end of September.  Fingers crossed and salt tossed over the shoulder (wink wink).

Beautiful Sky at Night...Writer's Delight

Maybe it’s just a little bit of nerves…or lack of creative juices.  I wanted a very spectacular love scene for the follow-up book, but I’m not really feeling anything for the characters now so it’s probably time to put it up for a bit.  I have others to look into at the moment, and after all, I still have my first novel TWM to get ready for publishing.  Oh my, oh my!
I was just listening to Gavin Degraw’s “I’m in Love with a Girl” and I just adore the song.  It’s put me in the mood to get back into my stories for a little bit this afternoon and see what else I can work through.  I’m very happy that I finally figured out my kidnapping scene, that was really bugging me for a while, now I just need to figure out what happens afterwards!  Happy Reading!  -R






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