On the Ball

Well, I can put a fork in TWM for a while!  Finished up book 3 this afternoon and boy am I glad! 

Book two and three both need to be fleshed out, especially book 2 which is just over 200kb and I wanted it to be over 300, but at the moment it’s done and the basic landscape of the storylines are there and that’s what is important.  I am still enjoying writing in the 1st person female/3rd person male style.   I’m not sure I could write a straight third person story, but perhaps I should give it a go.

I think I will go back to my mermen story once I get through TWM and finish it.  I’m fairly sure I was only missing one scene that I had rather skipped because I didn’t want to get bogged down in it. Secret?  I started writing the book after watching Madonna’s Cherish video on YouTube. The three mermen in the story are based on the three adult mermen in the video.  🙂 

For now, I’m trying to decide what to start tomorrow.  New book or rehash something old?  Hmm…..  Not sure.  Will see what the morning brings and maybe I’ll get lucky and dream about something very cool.  I can’t wait to move forward and actually get myself published.  Here is the start of a new era, people!  Happy Reading!  -R


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