Et Tu September?

Where did the freaking month go?  Yikes.  Just a few more days and it will be October.  I can’t believe how fast time flies.

I’ve had some quiet time this week, more so than usual, and haven’t done much of anything constructive except toy around with a few ideas that are more for my enjoyment than anything else.  After watching the new prequel about The Planet of the Apes, I started writing a were-ape story.  I gotta say the idea in general intrigues me but I just don’t think there’s enough to come of it.  At least not now.  And then today I had an idea about a multiples marriage and just started writing.  It’s all third person, and I started it more to practice third person style writing than anything.  My main problem seems to be tense shifting and pronouns.  I’m so used to writing “I” as opposed to “he” or “she”, so it takes some getting used to.  I guess this week so far has been about exercising my mind than anything and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I took another stab at a third novella but I didn’t get very far.  Although the stories could stop and it would be fine, there are openings for follow ups but I am not feeling anything right now.  I’m proud of what I’ve written so far and I can let it stand as it is.  In the meantime, since my brain has decided to go on strike for actual writing, I have been downloading a lot of freebies on my Nook application.  I’ve found a few gems amongst the just plain bad ones and have found that it’s always a good idea with Nook to actually read the reviews for content because Smashwords isn’t as discriminating in content as Kindle is for self publishers and there are some really kinky, weird, weird books out there.  To each his own, though.  I can think of a few people who would find a book about a werewolf ridiculous.   Not me, of course.  I love ’em!

Fall is coming fast.  It’s always been my favorite time of year, and that’s why I put the first Wolf’s Mate story in October.  Even though Allen, Kentucky is a complete figment of my imagination, it is the perfect sort of town for me, nestled in a wooded area with just a few streets through town and that simple sort of quiet life that everyone says they want but no one actually has.   I love living near the shore like we do now, but I miss the south and that’s why I wanted to put Allen in central Kentucky.  I remember when I was in my early 20s and I was driving from Cincinnati to Louisville for a job interview and it was a two-hour drive so I had to leave the house pretty early.  As I crossed the Ohio River on the big bridge into Kentucky and the steam was rising off the river and the sun was coming up, I just thought – now this is what home feels like. 

Happy Reading! -R


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