Hot Tea, Colds, and Jaguars

So I find myself now caffeine-free.  For the most part.  I’m not giving up chocolate or my nightly glass of iced tea, but I have given up my two morning cups.  Over the course of last week I weaned myself from it.  It was a two-fold reasoning.  First, because caffeine is a chemical that I don’t need and I’m not entirely sure that my headaches I’ve always attributed to sinus problems aren’t also in some way related to caffeine.  And second, because I just really don’t care for the taste of coffee.  Strange but true.  I like the smell of coffee brewing.  I like the idea of coffee.  But I fill it so full of sugar and milk that it’s hardly anything related to coffee by the time I’m done with it.  So I question – if I have to doctor it up so much, can I really claim to love coffee at all?  My answer is no.  So my two cups (which were actually travel mugs so more like 4 total cups) are gone the way of the dodo bird.  Which brings me to hot tea.  I just have to have something hot to drink in the morning, so if not coffee, then tea it is.  And decaf at that.  Viva la hot tea…I think.

My daughter and husband both came home with colds last week and come Friday I eventually succumbed which is pretty typical in this house.  One person gets a cold and eventually everyone else has it.  Even the toddler has the sniffles and a cough.  So along with fighting the cold, I spent the weekend trying to decide what to do now in my writing.  My first novella – A Curve of Claw – is in my favorite person in the world’s hands (Kameko that is) and I’m waiting to hear what she thinks.  I’m quite proud of how the novella turned out, and the follow-up to it as well.  It was exciting for me to write the main character of Elizabeth Xavier and watch her grow and change through the short story.

So now…I’m editing my were-jaguar story.  What comes on the heels of that is deciding what to do with the story.  I had originally planned to release it as a serial on the blog, one chapter a week. It only has 5 chapters, one for each of the main characters written in their voice.  But now I’m wondering if the story is good enough to make it to an actual novella.  I picked jaguars for the shifting portion of the characters personalities because I didn’t want to do another werewolf story, and there are so many awesome animals out there that deserve to be turned into were-animals.  I set up the jaguar story to have at least three more behind it, if I choose and I probably will, and I was even thinking of adding another one.

This weekend I was kind of just writing like mad every time an idea struck me, so now I have a file full of little quips and names that might sound cool or ideas that could come into something eventually.  I guess that’s how my mind works.  I never really got anything done except halfway through my jag editing, but I did get a lot of writing done.  Plus, I’m a few chapters into The Wolf’s Mate Book 4, which is Michael’s story.  I was finally able to use this one scene that I’d written for him originally and sling it to another character which made much more sense.  Yes, I know, all my females are short, curvy brunettes, but Michael’s girl is different and I did that on purpose.  He deserved a girl as unique and wonderful as the character he turned out to be.

Happy Reading!  -R


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