A Little Michael

I’ve been bouncing around on The Wolf’s Mate Book 4 lately while I’m in the process of editing my second novella and getting the cover page for A Curve of Claw done so it can go to press.  I get a few author blogs in my email and I’ve noticed many of them do a “six sentence Sunday” sort of thing, but I don’t really think that six sentences is enough for anything, really.   So I thought a couple of paragraphs from his perspective would be fun, and I do it all with my angel reader Kameko in mind because she loves his character so much!


Without even realizing that his feet were moving, he was suddenly next to her as the other men left with brochures in their hands and smiles on their faces.  He looked down into her face as she looked up into his.

“Hey sweetie.  Like to work out?”  She smiled sweetly, a lush movement that made him picture that mouth on his cock.

He looked up at the booth. It read “Stone’s Gym”. 

He remembered to answer her.  “Sure.”

“I’m Shyne.  I teach group fitness at the gym, but it’s a lot more than just me bouncing around in tight shorts.” 

Now that he’d like to see.

“I’m Michael.”  He felt like a total idiot.  Like he’d never spoken to a woman before.  Come on man, get it together!

She handed him a brochure, and their fingers touched for a moment and she straightened slightly and blinked at him.  Beautiful dark brown eyes flecked with gold looked up at him.  Their fingers stayed like that for long enough that he was sure of three things.  One:  she was gorgeous.  Two:  she was not a wolf but human.  Three:  she was his mate.


Ha!  Now…are you interested in Michael, yet?   I do actually adore his character, but only because he’s grown on me.  When I first wrote TWM (Jason & Cadence’s story) I hadn’t intended it to be anything except a story about a hybrid female wolf/human who was in love with the alpha wolf.  And then as I wrote the story and got into the characters, they took on lives of their own (I know, strange but true!) and before long I was planning Linus’ story and then Callie’s story, and I couldn’t leave Michael or Bo out, and somehow Lindy got her own book, too.   And I’ve actually started five sub-books from those storylines which means I’ve got enough books to keep me going for ages.  I just can’t wait to get the novellas out and then TWM.   It feels like something I’ve been working at forever but I only started writing the story in January, and the two novellas over the summer. 

So while I putter around on my other storylines, I hope you enjoyed Michael’s little snippet.  Perhaps next weekend I’ll do someone else.  🙂  Happy Reading!  -R


One comment on “A Little Michael

  1. So true!!! Michael, Michael….oh how I love thee!!! Lol! He’s my ideal man….true! Is it wrong that I fully intend to read TWM 4 thinking of the female lead as myself? LMAO. I’m officially a Michael groupie. The TWM series is total awesomeness!!!

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