Little Surprises

I mentioned to a friend not long ago that I wasn’t sure if I should continue on with the storyline of my two novellas – Curve of Claw and the coming-soon Flash of Fang – and the advice was to just let it come if it does.  Good advice.  So I tried not to think about whether I should give someone else in the series their own story – such as Jes or Melo or Adam – or if I should just leave it be at two and move on.  I have dozens (literally) of files that are just-started books and short stories that I could be working on, including my past mentioned Jaguar series, so when I was feeling kind of bummed this week and at a stalemate to write about anything, I just didn’t write much at all.  And sometimes that’s okay.  For a long while I was writing upwards of 6 hours a day or better, just furiously typing and tweaking and playing with the characters in my mind.  And then I kind of ran out of steam and was feeling more and more frustrated.  So I guest blogged this week for a Thanksgiving post, which was so awesome I can’t even tell you, and I also finished a review for a blog of an ARC (Advance Reader Copy – which in layman’s terms means a book that hasn’t been published yet) which was cool, too.

Then Saturday I was thinking about Flash of Fang and contemplating starting the final review of it in anticipation of getting it published soon, and I thought about the characters in the series.  If you haven’t noticed, I added a page at the top of the blog titled Wiccan Novellas, and it lists the characters and their descriptions and I realized that what I really liked about the series was all the ceremony of the bear den.  It just speaks to me, I guess.  And I wondered why I was “leaving” the den when it was full of unmated bears that needed loving, too.  Which made me think of Lynk and Tavian, who are Ash and Axe’s younger brothers.  And also Griegs, who disappeared in the first one.  What happened to him?  Well…I don’t know yet.  But I do know that I’ve already started writing a third novella for the series that will center around Lynk and Tavian.  I spent the entire day just thinking about the story and writing notes to myself about how I might like it to go.   So I’m very happy at this little surprise, and the little ones are often the most sweet.

Speaking of sweet, I’m at 860 downloads now on smashwords and I’ve been officially approved by the “human” review which means it’s on its way to 7 distributors and 30 some countries.  So yippee!  And if you’re reading this because you looked me up, thank you SO SO much!  Five five-star reviews, so many downloads, and so far it’s been received by five of the seven distributors so hopefully in the next two weeks I can look myself up on the sites and see my book.  How do you like them apples?  I love the hell out of them!

Since I’m a big fan of putting famous faces like actors or musicians to book characters, I thought I’d pass a few pics to you for the novellas.

For Elizabeth’s character, I picked Emmanuelle Chriqui (from Entourage if you don’t know).  I think she fits the bill for Elizabeth’s character.  She just looks like trouble, right?  For Ash and Axe, I chose Jay Tavare (from TONS of things, look him up!).  Although he is older than they are (they are only 18 although they’ve been 18 for 10 years in the first novella), I think he possesses both Axe’s hard exterior and Ash’s sweet vulnerability.


I’ll add some more pics another time, as I figure out who I might like to play Lynk and Tavian in my minds’ eye – it’s a naughty playground in there, let me tell you! – and move on in the story.  Thanks for stopping by – as always, drop me a comment or send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you!  Happy Reading!  -R


3 comments on “Little Surprises

  1. I loved your book have you thaute of doing a book3 of there ther twins when the get of age the one twin was having dreams at the end of the story about a girl. Of what about his sister and the jurney she is on love you storys keep them coming

    • Thanks, Kristine! I have actually finished Daeton’s story and it’s in the capable hands of my reviewer as we speak. I am hopeful to have it available in April. And for the twin boys, Teck and Shy? I would love to write their story, but I haven’t figured out what’s going to happen to them, or the girl. Thanks for stopping by and the sweet comments. Best, R

      • i am so exsited i cant whate to read a nether one of your books thats for righting me back so fast

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