Gotta Stop Doing That

…Every time I mention something I’m excited to write, I get totally blocked after the post appears.  I think it’s psychosomatic.  I must just psych myself out of my writing.  Yes, I did start the third novella in the Wiccan series, but no I didn’t get much further than the second chapter.  I had to put it up because it beyond frustrated me when I kept wondering how to get from plot point A to plot point B without having a reviewer say something like – clunky or jumped around or left loose ends.  Urgh.  I hate those loose ends in books I read.  Don’t you?

At any rate….

I’m tickled to pieces to say A Curve of Claw is now LIVE on Amazon.  How the hell cool is that?  I had to list it at 99 cents, unfortunately, because Amazon will not allow an author to choose a cost lower than that.  They did say they would price match, but it appears to be at their discretion so I’m just going to let it go its own way.  I’ve already had some downloads, which is awesome beyond words and I’m finally over 1,000 downloads on Smashwords.

This week, the follow-up A Flash of Fang will go live on smashwords.  My plan is to have it ready by Friday. I set a reasonable goal for myself because I’ve got a few things going on this week including a rather large dinner party that we’re hosting, but I really wanted to have it out the first full week of December and that is this week!  I’m doing my third review today and will go through it once more tomorrow and tackle the formatting on Tuesday.  I just have to say, I love smashwords.  If not for their serious help in formatting, I think I would have been totally lost going through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.  It just boggled my mind and I was about to give up when I realized I’d managed to get it transferred to a .mobi file and that was all she wrote.  It went up on the Amazon site on Friday.  Oh Happy Day!

Here’s the link to my author page on Amazon :

And here’s the link to the novella on Amazon :

I won’t include a preview of anything right now, because you’ve read all my previews.  So drop me a line.  Tell me what you think about A Curve of Claw, were-bears, wicca stories, or anything that tickles your fancy.  Happy Reading!  -R


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