Holiday Wishes and Story (eBook) Endings

It is with a happy dance of joy to say that A Flash of Fang, the follow-up novella to A Curve of Claw has gone live on Amazon Kindle as of Friday, the 16th!  If you want to know what my happy dance looks like, check out the below link!

Snoopy Happy Dance

I got to thinking the other day about how books end.  Every author is different, but almost everyone does some sort of sum-up kind of chapter at the end.  I think I enjoy those because I don’t like cliff hangers.  In fact, if an author purposely dangles me off a mountainside to force me to get the next book to see what happens, I mostly refuse just on principle.  However, I have succumbed to temptation if a character really spoke to me in one way or another.    In the beginning, I intended for Curve to be the only book about Elizabeth, Ash, and Axe.  I had not planned to write a follow-up about them, and it’s why I summed them up at the last chapter.  If I had ended things a chapter earlier, then you wouldn’t know that they actually got married legally, moved into the lake house, and were getting along hot and fabulously.  I would have been miffed as a reader if I didn’t know those little tidbits.  Which brings me to Fang, of course, in which I did the epilogue sort of summation and looked into the future.  Now, my niggling brain is begging me to write more about Ash, Axe, and Elizabeth because they are familiar like family to me and I could write another sexy tail of them in a heartbeat.  Except for the fact that I really can’t, without basically ignoring the last chapter of the book.

I had plans to write all the men in her life books of their own, with their leading girl being the person whose POV it is.  Whether I get around to doing that or not, I don’t know.  I have some good ideas, and it’s fun to poke around with the characters.  I guess time will tell.  But next time I write a book, I think I’m going to be more careful about epilogues.  🙂

Since next weekend is Christmas and the next weekend is New Years, I won’t post again until after the holidays.  Christmas with our family is a sweet treat.  My oldest is only 9 and still very firmly believes in Santa.  In fact, she promised me that if people stopped believing in Santa entirely that he’d disappear forever!  I don’t remember how old I was when I stopped believing in Santa, but it’s been fun to experience the wonder of the season through my kids’ eyes.

So to all of you who’ve stopped by, I wish you a Nicely Naughty Christmas

… and a very wonderful New Year.  Happy Reading!  -R

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