Classifying Romance and Erotica

It’s such a wonderful feeling having The Wolf’s Mate Book 1 out on Amazon.  Sales are slow but steady and it’s really an exercise in will power not to check my amazon account hourly to see if it’s sold another one.  I am very excited to report that A Curve of Claw has sold well over 5,000 copies for the month of January, and A Flash of Fang is right behind.  Onto the next goal of 10,000 each!

This past week I finally got my author page set up on Goodreads.  If you use Goodreads, check me out and add me as a friend.  I’d love to have more friends to share book recommendations with.  I am always on the hunt for new authors and people who share the same taste in books as I do.  Yes, I do trend more towards paranormal romance/erotica, but hey, as long as it’s got a sexy hero and some fun sheet-time, I’m up for just about any genre.

Speaking of genres, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the difference between romance and erotica.  I don’t know who makes the rules, but it’s been brought to my attention more than once that while most people would consider A Curve of Claw to be erotica, many consider A Flash of Fang to be romance.  Which is what prompted me to consider the difference between Erotica and Romance.  I do think that there is a difference, but romance can be erotic and erotica can have romance in it, so I think it really always falls onto the authors and fans to classify them.  And I can see how Curve would be considered more erotic.  The feelings that Elizabeth develops for Ash and Axe don’t occur until the end, so they’re just having mindless, mind-blowing, just-because-we’re-mates sex and supernaturally tying themselves together forever.  In Fang, they’re married, they’re in love, and they’re thinking about babies.  When I first began writing, I considered romance to be sweeter than erotica, to be more about love than sex, which is why I classified both novellas as erotica.  I can see now, though, looking at Fang as a whole and not just separate scenes, that it is sweeter.  More about the romance than the sex, although I have to admit that their playing during the heat-sex is one of my favorite scenes in the book.  At any rate, in this duck’s opinion, it’s all really in the eye of the beholder.  I think they’re both pretty erotic, but Fang is definitely more romantic than Curve.  Here’s are my official quote about the difference between romance and erotica:

Romance is about the dance to the bed; erotica is a mad-dash to it.

And you can quote me, but just give me credit.  🙂

Lately I’ve gotten more requests for Daeton’s story, along with more stories in general from the series.  So it’s with a tentative smile that I say I’ve gotten into her story and am, hopefully, starting to get into a groove with it.  Daeton’s character is unique, because I haven’t said anything about her really.  The only things that the reader would know is that she’s just now 18, a virgin, and a were-bear.  So when I decided I wanted to write her story, I was faced with an almost entirely blank slate which is both exciting and nerve-wracking.  The male bears are easy to write – they’re dominant, loving, and fiercely protective of the one’s they love.  I expect Daeton to have those same qualities, but also a nurturing side which I’m going to have shine in her story.  What I’m finding most difficult in writing her story is letting her character be true to her age and experience.  I’d like to think I was as witty and fantastic back at 18 as I am now, but the truth is, that 18 is not that old in the whole scheme of life and Daeton has lived a sheltered life.  It’s been an interesting thing to consider, writing the first-time for a young woman who is labeled as a destined princess for a place she doesn’t know.  My mind is spinning as I write this, and I’m eager to get into the meat of her story.  She’s a unique character and I want her future to be just as unique and amazing as I believe her character really is.\

If this is your first time stopping by, thanks!  I’d love to hear from you.  Post a comment or send me an email.  I promise to respond!  And don’t be shy, follow me!  Best wishes, and as always, Happy Reading!  -R


4 comments on “Classifying Romance and Erotica

  1. I just finished Curve of Claw. I loved it! I’ll be starting Flash of Fang tomorrow, then onto the the Wolf’s mate. YAY! Awesome writing.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Karen! I’m so glad you liked Curve and I hope you enjoy Fang, which is a sweeter story but still full of plenty of loving, like Wolf’s Mate. 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. Hi, I’m back, I thought the daughter’s book was done, I could of swore that I read that you had finished the sister’s book, but I can not find it, I closed the window that I read it on. Will you please respond back if the book is for sale? thanks again for great writing.

    • Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the confusion. In the blog post you’re referring to, I mentioned that I’d finished writing Daeton’s story (which is true) but that’s only the first draft. I anticipate having her story out on Smashwords and Amazon in April. Thanks again! Best, R

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