What’s In a Name?

So first off, I’m totally tickled that The Wolf’s Mate Book 1 has sold 100 copies in the month of February so far!  Sweet!  And Curve and Flash have “sold” 1700 and 1300 respectively this month, so they are still getting out there and I’m so thrilled.  I’ve also gotten some really great reviews on Amazon lately, and that’s always heartening.  When someone says – wow, I totally got what you were saying here – or that they loved a certain character(s) that I created, it’s like a sweet gift.  Truly!

I finished Daeton’s story last week.  What a relief!  I had a difficult time writing it, because she was unique and a blank slate, except for a few key things, so I wanted her to have a unique book.  I’m in the process of reviewing the second Wolf’s Mate book (Linus & The Angel) and have that slated to come out in March.  With that in mind, I would love to get Daeton’s story out shortly after, either end of March or April, but it all depends on how quickly the reviews go.  It’s no small undertaking to take a scalpel to your own work and look at it under a microscope, but it’s always a relief when it is done.

As I’ve been working in Daeton’s story, and also Lynk & Tavian’s story for the fourth in the series, I’ve been struggling with characters names.  One of my favorite sites to find names on is 20000-names.com.  They have a really great database and it’s searchable and easy to use.  I also have used baby name sites from time to time.  Which leads me to my topic….what’s in a name? And more than the name…the spelling?

So how did I choose the names for the wicca/were-bear series?  First, Elizabeth is a name that I like a lot so that was a given.  But Ash and Axe?  I happen to like a character in another series named Asher, but I didn’t want to use that whole name.  Once I picked Ash, I looked on a baby website for names that started with A, and I knew it needed to be one syllable so it would match, and that’s where Axe came from.  The names of the bears in the den – most of them were chosen randomly from native american websites, altered for pronunciation or spelling ease.  Since I created the den as native american but didn’t make them a particular group such as Cherokee, I could use any names I wished and create my own customs and traditions and no one could say it wasn’t accurate.  Isn’t writing fiction awesome?  🙂

For The Wolf’s Mate, I chose Jason because growing up, I had a huge crush on an older boy named Jason.  Although I picture actor Charlie Hunnam as Jason’s character, in truth the real-life Jason is a brunette with big blue eyes and a total computer geek.  I chose Cadence because I wanted a musical name.  Her best friend Callie’s full name is Calliope, which is a Greek name, which I thought was cool.  And the heroine in book 2 is named Carly, short for Carolyn, and I picked it because my best friend’s name in high school was Carly.

But for spelling?  Does adding a superfluous Y or H or X make a name hotter, or the character more attractive in your mind’s eye?  If the man’s name is Jackson, does his nickname of Jacks (like General Hospital) appear better that way or Jax (such as Sons of Anarchy’s leading man)?  Curious, no?  And I do like choosing a name that has a nice nickname to it, or if the name doesn’t lend itself to a nickname, then my solution to that is a made-up word.  Like “aleni”, that Ash calls Elizabeth.  It’s not a real word, or if it is I don’t know what it means.  What I was thinking at the time was a friend of mine when I was younger named Eleni and I just misspelled it.  In the (hopefully fall release) fourth wolf book, there is a female character named Shyne, which I thought was pretty cool.  Shine by itself doesn’t really lend itself to a name, but add a “y” and it’s a name!

If you read The Wolf’s Mate Book 1, you got a sneak peek of about half of the first chapter from Linus’ point of view.  As a treat, here are the first few paragraphs of the second chapter, from Carly’s point of view.  It’s available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble right now for the low, low price of 99 cents!

            Carly groaned.  Everything ached.  Like fucking ached bad.  She tried to get up, but there was something heavy across her stomach.  Lifting her head, she took in a quick breath at the sight in front of her.  A very naked man was cuddled just under her breasts with one of his legs thrown over hers.  And she was also naked.

Seemed like this was a situation that should make her freak out, but she was feeling pretty content.  So what happened?  She chewed on her lip and tried to remember the last thing she could.

Oh hell. 

She’d chased her neighbor’s little rat terrier out into the snow because she was worried he’d die.  She’d chased him forever.  Stupid little dog.

And something happened?

Right.  She fell.

Her brain whirled and imagines crashed around.  She had vague notions of being nudged by something furry and then carried and then gradually warm and safe.  She knew that feeling.  This man, who had obviously saved her life and according to her aching pussy, had allowed her to ravage him in thanks, was a werewolf.

If you’re new to my books and/or blog, thanks for reading and stopping by.  I’d love to hear from you, so go to the contact page and leave me a note or send me an email.  I’ll write back, I promise!  If you’re back again for more of my witty banter, I’m glad to see you again.  Best, R.E.


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