How I Choose What I Write

I often get questions or suggestions about stories that people would like me to write about, highlighting characters that have touched people’s curiosity in some way.  I love that.  I love knowing that a character I created made someone think, “I’d love to know what happens to them.”

So how do I choose which stories I write, which characters’ lives I’ll take on?  Well, it’s not really as cut and dried as I wish it were.

For The Wolf’s Mate series, I originally planned for it to be just the first book.  But as I was sharing the book with my reviewer and got into some discussions about the other characters, I knew that I would want to write more stories.  It started with Cadence’s best friend Callie, whose book is #3 in the series of 6 and hopefully will come out by summer this year.  But Linus’ character also spoke to me, as did Michael and Bo, who are the top three in the pack.  And oddly, because of circumstances in Michael’s story, I wanted to write the fifth book about a different group and give one of the unliked characters her shot at redemption, which is why Lindy gets book 5.  The books go in order:

  • Jason & Cadence
  • Linus & the Angel
  • Callie
  • Michael
  • Lindy
  • Bo

For the wiccan novella series, I sat with the first two novellas and didn’t plan to write any further than that, although I played at some of the characters’ stories.  The requests for Daeton’s stories, though, is what prompted me to revisit her character.  Her story was difficult for me to write and took longer than I expected, but I’m happy with the end results and look forward to the day I can publish and share it.  I also have finished a story for Ash & Axe’s brothers Lynk and Tavian, but that won’t come out until summer most likely.

The others?  Ash, Axe and Elizabeth’s kids, the men in Elizabeth’s life, the other witches in the coven?  Well, it’s a veritable bottomless pit of stories just waiting to be told.  So how do I choose?  I wait for the muse to strike.  Sometimes, though, I wish I could grab the muse by the scruff and make her stick around.  🙂  I really would like to write Shy and Teck’s story, but I don’t know what is going to happen to them yet, so they’re waiting patiently in the corner.  As are Brone, Melo, Jes and the other former lovers from Elizabeth’s life.  When the muse strikes me, I hope to be able to share the stories of the other characters that have come to mean a lot to me.

* * * * * *

Someone asked me why I picked paranormal over contemporary for the theme of my stories.  The simplest explanation is that paranormal is one of my favorite genres to read and there’s just so much to explore and create.  With were-animals, you can play with hierarchy, territory, and matings.  With other supernatural creatures like vampires and fairies, you can play with powers and abilities.  So for me, paranormal is my favorite genre to write because it’s just so dang much fun.

Some characters/creatures I’d love to explore in the future…gargoyles, fallen angels, and mermen.


2 comments on “How I Choose What I Write

  1. I had so many questions after just finishing A Flash of Fang. But you just summed them all up. I’m excited for Daeton’s story. I really hope your muse strikes A LOT!

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