The Wolf’s Mate Book 2: now available on Smashwords!

I’m so pleased to announce that The Wolf’s Mate Book 2:  Linus & The Angel has been published on Smashwords.  This book came about because I felt so sorry for Linus’ character in Book 1 because of his history, that I wanted to give him his own story.   It took me a long time to figure out what sort of supernatural being that his mate Karly should be, but once I got that set in stone the story flowed easily for me.  They were both a joy to write about, and I hope that you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Here is my beautiful cover (designed by the increasingly clever and spectacular Kameko Gay!) and blurb:

He thinks he’ll be alone forever:

Linus Mayfield has a lot of good things in his life:  fourth ranked in the Tressel wolf pack, nice house, decent job, and plenty of friends. What he doesn’t have is what he longs for most – a true mate.  His first foray into marriage was a disaster and he’s certain he’ll never be free to love again.

She’ll prove him wrong: 

Karly is an Angel, a supernaturally perfect mate for one special werewolf.  She’s spent the last 15 months looking for her mate, only to nearly die before she ever meets him.  One icy winter night changes both of their lives forever.

When their past interferes with their future, will all be lost in the darkness, or will he find his perfect angel in time?  This book contains plenty of claws and fangs, possessive werewolves willing to move heaven and earth for their mates, red-hot werewolf sex, a sweet wolf with a heart of gold and an angel made just for him.

Here is the link to the Smashwords site:

I hope to have the book available on Amazon before the end of the month and will post when that happens.  While you don’t have to read The Wolf’s Mate Book 1:  Jason & Cadence before you read Book 2, I’d certainly recommend it!  🙂  Happy Reading!  -R


18 comments on “The Wolf’s Mate Book 2: now available on Smashwords!

      • Do you know how much longer it might be before this book is on B&N?? I really want to read it, I have been checking back daily, but no luck, I am getting so frustrated. I feel like an addict waiting for this book lol! 🙂

      • Hi BB! (I sent you an email). I wish I had good news for the book, but it hasn’t been released to B&N yet (or iBooks). Keep your fingers crossed….I can’t wait for it to hit their virtual shelves!

  1. I’m downloading it this evening. It will be a few days before I actually get to read it but I will have it. Thanks.

    • Hi Jamie! According to the smashwords site, iTunes adds books approximately one week after they’ve been shipped, and Book 2 hasn’t shipped yet so it will be at least two more weeks before it hits the iTunes store! However, you can buy it from smashwords for your device (iPad, iPhone, eBook Reader, Nook, etc.). The smashwords site has a handy FAQ if you decide to buy through them, otherwise I’m so sorry you’ll have to wait! I’m so glad you liked Book 1. Best, R

      • I did inded couldnt put it down but I guess I’ll have to wait 2 more weeks to read the next one Keep up the great work!!!!!

    • Hi Jamie! Smashwords sent the book to Apple on Thursday the 11th, and it should be available in a week (according to smashwords). So hopefully you’ll be reading it by next weekend!

      • Well u guess apple just likes to take forever to put up bc it still isn’t on there site to download to iBooks 😦

      • Thanks for keeping on checking, Jamie. I’m on Apple everyday, too! I’m going by what Smashwords says as their delivery window, they could be wrong. Sorry for the delay, but thanks for hanging in there!

      • Well I got tired of waiting on IBooks so I download it from smash words and I have to say it was great I thoroughly enjoyed it 2 thumbs up Now when should I expect the 3rd on to come out????

      • Thanks, Jamie! You’re so sweet. I’m glad you liked Linus’ story, he really deserved to find someone like Karly. Callie’s story is due to come out the last week of June/first week of July but only on Amazon and Smashwords, the others, of course take time to get on the virtual shelves. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading books 1&2 I can hardly wait for Cally’s story. I don’t like how the pack say she is weak. I think she is just passive & too gentle for a wolf personality. I like Cally. Give her a really good mate and story. also what about Michael and poor Bo. When will book 3 come out????

    • Hi Eva! I’m so glad you liked books 1 & 2. Callie’s story is a favorite of mine. Don’t worry, I thought of a really great mate for her, and Michael and Bo as well (books 4 and 6). Book 3 is slated to come out at the end of June/beginning of July. I’m hopeful to keep on schedule. Thanks for stopping by!

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