A Price for a Princess, Now on Smashwords and Amazon!

Woo Hoo!

The much-anticipated third installment of the Wiccan-Were-Bear series is here!  Daeton’s story, A Price for a Princess, is available now on Smashwords and Amazon for 99 cents!  This book was one of the most difficult for me to write.  Daeton wasn’t a character that I ever anticipated writing for, but the demand for her story was really overwhelming and I was more than happy to see where her story would lead me.  Her story takes place in an entirely different realm, where the fantastic is commonplace.  Once I started writing the world for her, I couldn’t stop.  It was a lot of fun to create an entirely new world in a different realm from the one the first two stories took place in.  In this new realm, anything goes.

Check out my new AWESOME cover and the blurb:

A Price for a Princess

Sometimes you have to leave home to find your destiny…

Book 3 in the Wiccan-Were-Bear Series

On the run from a power-hungry wizard that wants her dead, Daeton Stalking Horse begins a journey that will take her far from home, to a realm she never knew existed. Believing her to be a rare and powerful were-bear, the wizard Urijah would sacrifice her, destroy his enemies and take over the land. Her guards vow to keep her safe as they travel through the strange realm on their way to the safety of a were-bear prince’s palace. Along the way, she finds love in the most unusual places with the most unexpected of men – the two from her recurring dreams. With their support, can she keep the wizard from sacrificing her and destroying the realm she’s come to think of as home, or will all be lost with one dark betrayal?

This book contains a feisty were-bear princess who hates walking and secrets, two dream men with unique genetics, and a few battles thrown in for good measure. A Price for a Princess is a book for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.

Other books in the Wiccan-Were-Bear-Series:  A Curve of Claw (Book 1) and A Flash of Fang (Book 2)

You can buy it at Smashwords here and at Amazon here.

It will follow on Barnes & Noble, iBooks and other ebook distributors within 6 to 8 weeks.

I appreciate those of you that asked about Daeton, and the support in the form of emails and comments on the blog and the great reviews on Goodreads, B&N, Amazon, and iBooks keep me going.  Thank you so much!  Happy Reading!  Best, R


15 comments on “A Price for a Princess, Now on Smashwords and Amazon!

  1. Oh waiting for B&N to get off their hides and work is going to drive me batty! Lets HOPE that both books will be at B&N by 6/13/12 so that I can download them for the family reunion we’re going on. 9 people from 4-82 going *headdesk* I’m hoping the were-bear book will keep me sane on an 8 hour drive and what other time in between!

  2. I love the bear claw and the second book fang but i cant seem to get or find the third book a price for a princess on bn can anyon tell me how to find it

    • Hi Shawnni! Princess won’t be out on b&n for 6 to8 weeks. There is a delay from when it publishes on smashwords until it hits the other virtual shelves. You can get it on smashwords or amazon now. Sorry for the delay, and so glad you enjoyed claw and fang. Best, R

      • Hello R E will there be a book 4 for the Bear series? I am going to download it off Smashbooks can’t wait for B & N they are way to slow lol keep them coming . I also got into your wolf series by far wolves are my favorite but I think my bears are running close to second so hard so just keep them coming and I will be happy can’t say the husband will be since I read half the night lol.


      • Hi Shawnnita! Book 4, were-bear brother’s Lynk and Tavian’s story, should be out on amazon and smashwords in August. My husband thinks I read too late into the night, too. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! R

    • Yes. You have to set up a (free) smashwords account, and then you can pay for and download any books in their catalog for any device. They have great step-by-step instructions, too. I find lots of great indie authors on that site to read, too. Love it!

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