Sneak Peek: The Wolf’s Mate Book 3: Callie & The Cats


I’m so excited to announce that Callie & The Cats is going to be published a full three weeks ahead of schedule!  Woot!

Thanks to my ultra-fast editor pal Kameko Gay (who deserves to be mentioned TONS), I’ve already got Callie’s book in my hot little hands and I’m beginning the final editing process.  The tentative release date for The Wolf’s Mate Book 3 is now Friday, June 8.  It should be available on Smashwords in the morning and Amazon that evening.  As always, it takes about 10 weeks for the books to get from Smashwords to B&N, Apple, and the others, but have no fear….if you have a Smashwords account you can download any of my books into whatever form you need.

While I’m on the subject of delays, at the time of this posting, The Wolf’s Mate Book 2 hasn’t hit B&N or Apple yet.  Again, my apologies for the delay and hopefully it will be available on those sites in the next few weeks.  As soon as it happens, I’ll post again.  Thanks for hanging in with me!

To whet your appetites, here is a draft of the description and a little teaser.  Choosing a teaser for a book as long as Callie’s story was difficult to do without giving away too much.  So I chose the first time that Callie does something impulsively with one of the twins.  Trust me…the Callie you think you know from Book 1 is a whole new girl in Book 3.  A fun, sweet character to write, she really grew on me as I watched her develop from Cadence’s supporting friend to a woman and wolf all her own.

The Wolf’s Mate Book 3:  Callie & The Cats

Callie Hunter, best friend to alpha half-wolf Cadence, has had enough of the pack life.  Setting her sights on anyplace without wolves, she heads north only to be sidetracked by a devastating car crash that brings her face to face with twin mountain lions.

Ethan and Eryx, small town sheriff’s deputies, knew the moment they touched Callie that she was the mate they’d always wanted.  But mountain-lion females don’t take kindly to sharing their males with anyone else and will do anything in their power to discourage Callie from sticking around.  Will Ethan and Eryx’s desire for Callie cost them everything, or will Callie find her inner wolf and the home she’s always dreamed of?

This novel contains menage-a-trois, hunky cops, handcuffs, an on-the-run she-wolf, sex in every room in the house, and inappropriate use of the phrase “assault with a deadly weapon”.


(intro per the author:  in this scene from Eryx’s point of view, he’s just picked up Callie from a car dealership where she freaked out.  They already are determined to keep her, but she’s as determined to leave, too.  Enjoy!)

She stayed leaning against the door, a shell without movement, and he so desperately wanted to hold her against him and tell her that everything would be okay even though he knew the only way it would be okay was if she stayed with them.  If she was determined to leave, then a freak out in a car wasn’t going to change her mind.

Pulling into the driveway, he turned off the engine and put his hand on the door and then he felt a hand on his shoulder.  When he turned back she moved across the seat and hugged him.  At first, he was too shocked to do anything, but his brain kicked in and he slid his arms inside both of the coats to hold her as close as he could.

“I don’t, I don’t have anybody.  I don’t have a home.”  Her voice was raw and hurt, and tears were in the background.

Resting his cheek on the top of her head while she buried her face in his neck, he said, “You have me.  And Ethan.  All we have is yours.”

She sighed from somewhere deep inside herself and then he felt her lips on his neck.  Stunned, he went dead still.  She nuzzled under his ear and took a breath, and he felt the gentle whip of her tongue at the place just behind where his scent lay heaviest.  “You smell so good, Eryx.”  Her voice was low and sultry, and the abrupt change was a surprise.

As his brain misfired at saying something equally amazing, she kissed softly across his cheek and turned his head with her cool fingertips until she reached his lips.  Her tongue caressed the seam of his mouth and he opened for her, and the taste of her was as incredible as her sweet scent, like honey and wildflowers.  Afraid to rush her, he fisted his hands in the sweater at her back as their tongues slid together in a slow dance.  Just as quickly as the kiss started, it was over with a gasp.

She sat back and touched her mouth, dark pink from the pressure of their kiss.  “If you want to have sex, I’ll have sex with you.  But if you want something more from me, it won’t happen.  I’m not staying.”

He was almost too stunned for words.  Had she really just said that?  The cruiser door opened and she moved out, pulling his coat off and laying it on the seat.  “You can’t turn on a car without overloading, Callie.  How the hell do you plan to leave?”

“It’s not your problem, Eryx.  Thanks for picking me up.”

She ran hot and cold like an unreliable faucet.  Stunned, he sat for several minutes as the taste of her coursed through his veins and simmered like a well-tended fire.


I hope you enjoyed the little teaser and I look forward to having it hit the virtual shelves in a few weeks.  Best, R


11 comments on “Sneak Peek: The Wolf’s Mate Book 3: Callie & The Cats

  1. I’ve just finished readying books one and two of this series. I can’t wait to get my hands on book three June 8th can’t come fast.enough.

    • You are in luck, Lorna! I just released the first of a new series about the mountain lions in Ashland. It’s called Seducing Samantha (Ashland Pride One) and is out at the major distributors (Amazon, Nook, iBooks, etc.). It came out before Valentine’s. I’m so glad you enjoyed Callie’s story and I hope you like the new series as well! Sorry for the delay in responding!

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