Countdown to Callie’s Release & A Giveaway

The Wolf’s Mate Book 3, Callie & The Cats, is set to release this Friday, June 8.  In anticipation, I’m giving away three e-copies of the book on Friday.  To enter the contest, just comment on this blog post and tell me who your favorite character from the Wolf’s Mate series is.

The winners will be selected at random and will receive their choice of a mobi file or a coupon for the book’s download from Smashwords (for other ereader “types” such as Nook and Apple).  If you haven’t yet read Books 1 or 2, you can have your choice of any of the three.

The contest is open from today until Friday at 12 pm EST.  I will announce the winners in a post on Friday when Callie’s story has hit Smashwords and Amazon’s virtual shelves and send an email to the winners.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to reading the comments!

Best, R


86 comments on “Countdown to Callie’s Release & A Giveaway

  1. Hello again! 🙂
    Wow.. My “favorite” character, huh? I love them all, but for different reasons..
    But I think if I HAD to pick just one, it would be Linus. He had the courage to open his heart again after having it broken by someone who he thought he loved. I know from, personal experience, that is extremely scary.
    So I’d have to say Linus is the best character.
    Oh! But I can’t just overlook Cadence tho.. I love, LOVE, her. She has the best personality and is fiercely loyal. She would be the best friend EVER! I love how she gives Jason a hard time! I laughed so hard at times while reading their story, that my husband thought I had gone crazy. LoL

    See.. I can’t just pick ONE! 😀
    Cadence was my favorite, then I read Linus’ story and he captured my heart.. So my “Final Answer” would have to be Linus 🙂

    Thank You for some really awesome stories!



    • I’m certain that men like Linus exist somewhere (and they’re still single), that perfect mix of fierce protector and toe curling sexy sweetheart. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I can’t pin down just one favorite, Jason,Linus wow hum, OK I will go with Jason..Looking forward to Callie, who knows maybe she might become my favorite.. Thanks for entertaining my life with your books… Thea

  4. If i had to pick it would be Linus he wants love so bad and gets stuck with someone who justs uses him for the good man he is.But as soon as he meets karly he knows the what real love feels like and he will not let anyone come between them.I have read both books but i feel Linus is more passionate about love.

  5. Wow, favorite, I don’t think I can chose just one. I frist feel in love with jason and Cadence. Than I was in Love with Linus and Karly story. If I had to pick just one, I would just have to to say Jason all the way. The strong Alpha could be my man any time.

    • It’s the french maid’s uniform, right? So silly. I love a man that can be funny, but also serious when it calls for it and Michael fits that bill to a tee. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I do love Linus but i’ve a wee hankering for Michael. Think he will be a great future hero!!!!! (I’m hoping xx)

    • Love your answer, Laura “wee hankering”…made me smile! His story should come out this fall. There was no way I could get away without writing his story, really did deserve one!

  7. First just want to say I love your books… next I like Michael!! The way you describe him in that French maid outfit was hilarious. But what was better is how he took it all in stride and who doesn’t like a man that can cook breakfast!!

  8. I’d have to say Bo you don’t hear a lot about him but I’m looking forward to his story. He’s quite but deep. Can’t wait til Friday. 🙂

    • Jenny, Bo is slated to have the sixth and final story in the series. Although I do have plans to write some off-shoot series involving other characters in the stories, I have only the six originals from the first book. It should come out sometime in the spring of 2013. That seems like forever! Thanks for stopping by and hanging in there!

  9. I’m actually pretty partial to Linus. He is so sweet, yet has just enough alpha to be perfect. I Love all of your books (have read them all and eagerly anticipate more).

  10. I must say that I like Karly, she’s the heroine from book 2. She knew what she wanted and went after it. She wouldn’t even let her bat shit crazy ass ex stop her from finding her ture mate. And boy was that dude a few tacos short of a combo plate.

    • I love your combo plate comment! 🙂 When I sat down to write Linus’ story I knew he needed someone special, not just a human or a wolf. The scene in the 1st book in the hospital when he comes to tell Jason what really happened…that’s when I knew he was going to get his own story. Karly was perfect for him, an earthly angel made just for him! Love it. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Its hard to pick just one character when you fell inlove with them all. At first I thought I would pick Cadence because of her strength of character. She defends and protects her friends and family. But I have to in the end chose Michael. His sense of humor and silliness in the french maid uniform. His loyalty to his brother and family is a great quality but, he also has enough alpha in him to give Jason hell when he hurt Cadence. I hope Michael gets a book so that he can find a true love!

    • SO sweet!!!! Michael is totally getting his own book and it should be out this fall. I really do love his character and had a great time writing it. Thanks so much for the sweet words! Best, R

    • I know! So sweet, but under that is his beast and I love that dual nature so much. That’s why I love writing paranormal. You give a human two personalities and you’ve got some issues! 🙂

  12. Well, having read the first two books I’m going to have to go with Michael as my favorite. It seems that the character is genuine and I find myself rooting for him to find someone special.

  13. Love all the charachters but favourite is Michael hes always there for everyone and deserves a mate too – please write him one.

    • Don’t worry Rachel, his book is slated to come out in the fall. Once I became acquainted with the characters in the Tressel Pack, I knew the top ranked were going to all get their books, and Michael is so much fun to write! Enjoy Callie’s story! Best, R

    • Hi Mollie! Michael’s book should come out in the fall, and it was a lot of fun coming up with the perfect woman for him. Hope you enjoy Callie’s story! Best, R

  14. 12 Hours to Go!!!! Yay! Hope that’s world wide, it a pain being in Australia sometimes, anyway I love love love this book series! The Wolfs mate Book 1 was one of my first werewolf novels & really made me fall in love with the genre.
    After much deliberation I have decided my favorite character has to be….*drum roll please* LINUS!!!!!!!! I just can’t explain how much I fukin love him his just (my version) of the perfect man is every single sense…..ahhhh ok now onto the third book, god I’m so excited! I’m not a big fan of Callie mostly because she is so weak & helpless (the total opposite to candence & Karly) but maybe she prove me wrong in this book. ☺

    • Lace, I’m so glad I could induct you into the werewolf romance world and that you enjoyed it! Linus…such a sweetie. I love how he can be strong enough to protect but still have that tender side. I hope you enjoy Callie’s story!

  15. I liked Calli because although she was a little timid and I thought she was strong where it counted and that she would later find out that she was stronger than she thought! And i loved Michael because he was strong and also man enough to wear a dress:)

    • Leslie, I also like Callie and I hope you enjoy her journey. Michael, though, cracks me up. He’s so much fun to write and I’m looking forward to his story coming out this fall.

  16. This feels like Christmas Eve! This is going to be the longest 4 hours ever. I know i will not be able to start reading until after the kids are asleep tonight but i just want it on my kindle ready to go.

      • I can’t wait!! Please, Oh Please HURRY! AHH!! I’m sooooo excited! =-O
        I live in Las Vegas, so Pacific time zone, when should it come out on my time?
        Thank you!


  17. I love this series! My favorite character would have to be Michael. He is funny and caring and any man who can cook breakfast in heels and a french maids outfit with a smile on his face has my vote. I cant wait to read his story.

  18. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!! i keep checking amazon still nothing 😦 and knowing there is going to be even more books now im just really excited!

    • Aislin, there are six books slated for the main Wolf’s Mate series. Michael’s story, Lindy’s story (she’s from book 1), and Bo’s story, in that order. Michael’s should be out in the fall, Lindy’s in the winter and Bo’s in the spring. Release dates (I’ll be better with timing next time, I promise!) will be posted on the blog as I get closer to knowing when they’ll be done. Thanks for hanging in yesterday! I hope you enjoy Callie’s story.

  19. Ive been waiting and waiting! and then the day callie’s book is released, I drop and break my kindle! (dying here) Now I have to wait till Monday! Love all the books and their characters!

    • It’s out now, Jenn…I hope you enjoy it. I think I got carpal from clicking the refresh button last night while I waited for it to show up on my page! 🙂

  20. I am really enjoying this series. I already have the Wiccan novella series’. My favorite character so far is Michael. I enjoy his witty attitude, and I can not wait for him to find his true mate 🙂

  21. I’m at the bit here, I just can’t wait!! HURRY! AHH!! I’m sooooo excited! =-O
    I live in Las Vegas, so Pacific time zone, Does anyone know when should it come out on my time?
    Thank you


    • GinaMarie, your comments made me laugh! I’m so sorry for the long delay. It was supposed to have been released at 5:30 pm on the 8th. I’m not certain what happened, but I can only guess that they had an influx of books or another issue that caused the delay. I certainly didn’t expect it to take nearly 24 hours or I would have been more careful with the “release” time. Next book….much more careful! Thanks again for hanging in, I hope that you enjoy Callie’s story. Best, R

  22. Hey All, I live in Oregon and I went to Amazon and it’s not up or I can’t find it.. Help!!! I’m having withdrawals.. I need new book:-)

  23. Hey R, I just wanted to say thank you for your books and also for making them affordable. When I purchased Callie’s book from Amazon I was thrilled to see it in my price range. With the hardships that are going on here where I live with layoffs and foreclosures, reading helps me escape. Insteading of falling into depression I fall into one of your books. Thank you for the escape…

    • Thea, that is just about the sweetest, kindest comment I’ve ever gotten. I’m so glad that you enjoy my books. I am a voracious reader myself and I keep my book prices low because I want everyone to be able to buy them. When book series’ costs get high, I think it’s just so unfair to the loyal readers. I wish you the best and thank you again for the sweet comment. -R

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