Wolf’s Mate 3 Now on Barnes & Noble & Apple!!

I’m so happy to share that Wolf’s Mate 3:  Callie & The Cats is now on B&N and Apple!!

You can go to the B&N page here.

I’m still waiting for A Price for a Princess to hit B&Ns site, but it has been on Apple for a few weeks now.  And, oddly enough, Apple has Wolf 1 and 3, but not 2.  Smashwords has resent the file, so hopefully it will show up on the “shelves” soon.

As always, thank you all so much for hanging in there with me as the books get shipped out to the different distribution outlets.  Callie’s story is doing wonderfully on Amazon and has been in the Top 20 Romance/Fantasy category since it debuted, which is a great honor.  I’ve been getting wonderful feedback from emails and comments on the blog and I’m so happy that her story has finally been given wings.

Stay tuned….in a few weeks I”ll be announcing a new series!  But don’t worry, Lynk & Tavian’s story will hopefully be out in August and Michael’s this fall!

In other news….I’m on Twitter now!  So tweet at me, follow me (and I’ll follow back) at  @rebutlerauthor.  As always, you can email me, comment on the blog, or find me on Goodreads.

Happy reading!  Best, R


5 comments on “Wolf’s Mate 3 Now on Barnes & Noble & Apple!!

    • Yes! I’ve actually changed my plans a bit. Michael’s story will be next and should be out this fall, with Bo’s hopefully folllowing in the winter. I just sat down tonight to start writing his story, so you must be psychic! Keep your fingers crossed I can find him his perfect mate! Thanks for stopping by, Valerie!

      • I cant wait i want to hear his the most cause the way u described his chacter in linus & the angel. I look forward to it he deserves some body good that will treat him the way he deserves well yup cant wait!

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