The Tribe’s Bride Promo Contest!!

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d be hosting a giveaway of a few copies of my new ebook, The Tribe’s Bride (The Necklace Chronicles).  Tribe will be published on Smashwords and Amazon on Wednesday, July 25th.  I’m so excited about this book that I’m offering four free copies to four random commenters on this blog post.

Tribe is, in essence, a time-travel book.  Carrie buys an old necklace, puts it on, and wakes up in bed with the owners back in the late 1600s.  Not all the books in the series will be about actual time travel, but they will all involve “travel” of one sort or another, from their own bed to the bed of the hottie(s) who created the necklace in question.  The possibilities with the series are endless.

Here is a teaser:

“Do not be afraid, little fox, we mean you no harm,” the largest of three, who looked like a linebacker, spoke with a gentle tone.

She answered him back in his language.  “My name isn’t Little Fox.  It’s Carrie.”

“You can speak as we do.  But your skin is so unusual,” the middle one said.

“I studied your language in school.”

“School?” the third one said.  He appeared to be the youngest.

“A place where I was taught by elders,” she supplied.  She hadn’t realized she had slipped into English for the word ‘school’.  They had no equivalent, because they had no formal schooling.

They nodded, but looked confused.  The middle one said, “You learned our language?  Why?”

“Because I’m from the year 2012.  Your tribe, the Bloqui, disappeared in the late 1600s.  I studied your tribe because I thought it was, um, interesting?”  Interesting?  More like lifesaving.

“2012?  That is a long time from now?”  The first one said speculatively.

“Yeah.  And just how the hell did that happen, anyway?  Am I dreaming?  Or dead?”  She pinched her arm hard enough to make herself grimace.

“Stop that, please.  You are not dreaming.  You have our heishe necklace.  We cast magic on the necklace and we were promised that the woman that appeared wearing the necklace would be our bride,” the middle one said.

Her mouth dropped open.  “Excuse me?”

The large one said, “Brother, we need to introduce ourselves to the little fox first.  You will terrify her beyond measure if you speak of loving.”

“My name isn’t Little Fox!”  She growled.

The large one smirked.  “I know your name is Carrie, but you shiver like a little fox in the snow.  It is endearing.”

She snorted and realized that she had forgotten that she was naked and so were they.  She slapped her legs together and covered her breasts with her arms.  The youngest one reached to the sleeping mat, pulled off a hide blanket and brought it to her.  He draped it around her and she smiled thankfully up at him.

“Carrie,” the middle one said, but it sounded like ka-air-ee, “my name is Coyote Chasing Deer, and I am eldest.  This is Bear Who Fights, and our youngest brother, Hawk Who Soars.  You may call us by our animal names if you wish.  We are banished from our tribe.  Our tribal council tried to whip our brother and banish him and we stood up for him and they banished us all.  As we left, our grandmother brought us the necklace and spell and told us it would bring us a bride to share.  This morning, I woke up with you in my arms.”

To enter the giveaway, simply comment below and tell me….if you could go to any time (past or future), where would you go?

**My answer would be I’d like to go back to the old west.  I’ve always been a lover of cowboys, and I think it would be amazing to live in a time without television, cars, and modern conveniences.  Of course, it would be a hardship, but I’d just have to find a cowboy or two willing to share those hardships.  *grin*

The contest runs from today until noon on Wednesday, July 25th.  On a blog post on Wednesday, I will post the buy links for smashwords and amazon, and the names of the four winners, who will have their choice of ebook format, either pdf or in the form of a coupon through smashwords.

I’m also really excited to announce my first ever Blog Tour!  The amazing folks at Page Turner Book Tours are hosting a week-long Blog Tour for The Tribe’s Bride.  My book and me are going to be featured on 8 blogs beginning on Wednesday the 25th, with reviews, interviews, and guest posts.  I’ll post the blog names/addresses on Wednesday.  I hope that you will all join me.  Up for grabs for commenters during the tour are more copies of the book and some really cool prizes!

Don’t forget to comment here about where you would time-travel to for your chance to win one of four books, and stay tuned for more Release Day happenings!  All the best, R


47 comments on “The Tribe’s Bride Promo Contest!!

  1. I loved Tressel pack, I have read all of them so fare.
    I can’t wait for this new series, It soundso good from your teaser.

  2. I would go back to 19th century England. I am fascinated with Jane Austen’s novels and have always pictured myself in that time.

  3. If I could travel anywhere in time I would travel to year 2060. I would love to see all the new advances in technology and how we dress, talk (new slang), and what’s good entertainment.

    • I love thinking about what things might come, especially as I consider writing a few stories set in the future. Slang is a great thing to consider – wonder what the new buzzword will be in fifty years?!

  4. If I could travel to any time it will be the time of King Arthur. I know many women wish they could be his queen. To live in Camelot, like Guin, I like the last movie that came out Arthur. A strong female, who can hold her own, not depend on the men to protect her. I would fight along side my king and be a force to deal with. A source of strength for my person, a lover for my king.

    • Oh wow, great answer! There is just something so cool about that time. I’m right there with you. I wouldn’t be a queen that would hide from danger, I’d grab a sword and fight by my king’s side.

  5. If i could go anywhere in time and travel it would be to Cahokia located between present day Illinois and Missouri around the time of the Norman Conquest, 1066. To actually be in a place that was so filled with life and living in ways completely unknown to us. We can only guess at what went on and what they did and why they build such large temple mounds. It just fascinates me.

    • jAnn, I feel the same way about the Serpent Mound in Cincinnati, Ohio. How amazing is it that something could survive for a thousand years and still hold our interest so much? The Cahokia fascinate me, now, too! Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome place, though it’s been several years since I last visited. Numerous school and girl scout trips were made to Cahokia Mounds growing up. I have a far greater appreciation for the place now than I did in 3rd grade while climbing up all those steps!

  6. I would also choose to go to the future. After watching The Fifth Element, I love the idea of being able to take a cruise into space or own a flying car.

    • Ah, Marie, a blond Bruce Willis! I love that movie, so very cool. How cool would it be to just be able to leave the earth and go to another planet, like on a day trip? 🙂

  7. You took my answer… But I’ll add my spin.

    I would love to go back to the wild west. Cowboys are my weakness. But I want to run the whorehouse. Everyone loves you and you get mad respect. Women in that time were few and far between and in my opinion treated as things not people. However, the madam was always in charge of her own destiny.

  8. Being scottish I would go back to see our national hero William Wallace. I would love to see how he (one man) inspired a nation to rebel against the English that were taking liberties from the scots for centuries!! Here endeth my patriotic rant!!! Lol xx

  9. I would like to go back to the old west and live with the Indians I think they had it hard yes but the outcome was great plus have you ever seen a indian not good looking and I love the long black hair and just the language in general.
    But I would also like to a time if it really existed of were animals because I would really enjoy finding my mate who would love you no matter your looks or education they would love you for you. Not to mention having two or three husband couldn’t be that bad especially when it came toooo : ) bed time lol.

    • I’m SO right there with you about Native Americans. I’m completely fascinated by their history and culture and their sexy hotness. If were-animals had existed or ever will exist, I would be interested in that, too. Great comment, Shawnnita!

  10. ….if you could go to any time (past or future), where would you go?
    I would go to the future, we can all know many things about the past through stories or artifacts but we can not foresee the future. I want to meet my children’s children. I want to see how far technology can truly go, I want to hopefully find out if the incurable can finally be cured….I would love to see our future.

  11. I love y’all your have some of best I have read in a long answer your question I would love to time travel to the one of king Henry the VIII.that time period is my favorite to learn and read about.I would wanna be part of the royal court too

    • Oh, such an amazing time! Did you ever see the show The Tudors with Jonathan Rhys Meyers? He’s so delicious. Can’t say I’d risk my neck for him, but maybe for someone in his court! 🙂

      • Well if king Henry looked anything like johnathan ryhes meyers then I would be one those women who threw himself at the king..I would so wanna be his mistress. I love the Tudors..I would of wanted one of the Tudors last name as long as it wasn’t bolyen

      • Mistress yes, wife….nooooo! Um, yeah, the Bolyen’s weren’t very cool with their kids, so power hungry. I loved that show, truly. I’d like to make Henry into a werewolf. Wouldn’t that be a kick? 🙂

      • As tempermental as history says he was I don’t believe it would be hard at all to change him into werewolf..i think he would make an awesome one.makes me wanna start writing that character right now

      • 🙂 I think it makes a lot of sense – he was just looking for his mate, that’s why he had so many wives. And he was probably testy from the full moon to boot.

  12. I love your books && cant wait for this new series!!! So where would go if i can time travel well thats a tuffy i always wanted to go back and spend rime with indians they culture always came cross intresting to me plus they are hot lol

  13. That’s an interesting question. I’d go to the past not to change anything. I’d go to 1984 to a trip to Florida when I was young so I could see my Nana and aunt when they were healthy and happy, we had so much fun the whole trip we were laughing, I’d want to see them laughing again. 🙂

  14. Oh if I could go anywhere in time. I would defiantly go back to the time of the Kings rule. Louis the 13th. The Three Musketeers, sword fights. Dashing men trying to steal a womans virtue. And big puffy dresses.

    • Love it, Chanel! Isn’t there something so amazing about the clothing back then? I’d imagine getting into bed with those dashing men would be quite the undertaking, getting all those layers off! There’s something about a man with a sword, though. Yum!

  15. Your books are awesome and I eagerly await the latest series. As for my time travel destination- Easter Island and the Moai. I want to know what they truly represent and how they were moved.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! So many things we don’t understand about places and monuments in places like Easter Island. It would be incredible to know what they were thinking.

  16. Inwoukd like to go back to the west and find a cowboy that will help take care of me and I would take care of him also.

  17. Can’t wait for the new series the teaser was really good. As for time travel I would like to go back to post wwI or late 1930’s – early 1940’s to experience the Big Band Era where I live becuz I would meet my grandmother when she was younger and experience a time she used to remenisce about. She would tell how the trains would come in bringing the bands to “the pavillion” to play and dance to the likes of Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman.

  18. If I could travel back in time to any place I would have to go back to the 1800’s because I loved the way they dressed and to be royal and go to the balls. To meet a prince and fall In love.

  19. I just wanteds storiesto say that I have truely enjoyed your writings. I started with your free Ebooks through Barnes &Noble and have just kept reading your books. I look forward to more of your writings. If I could travel in time I think I would like to go to western times, I have always liked rugged romatic cowboy types.

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