Blog Tour Stop: Inside the Mind of RE Butler

Page Turner Book Tours The Tribe’s Bride Tour Stop #2

In the spirit of sharing on my wicked cool Blog Tour with Page Turner Book Tours, I decided to let you get to know me and my writing process.

This was a great day. My toes matched my new fancy flip flops!

First of all, R.E. Butler is a pen name.  One reason I did that, is because my married name is a very unique one and I didn’t want people my husband worked with to google him and discover that his wife writes paranormal romance novels.  Not that he cares, mind you, because he enjoys my success, but you’d be amazed how often people google themselves and each other on a whim.  It’s a combination of names from my family lineage, and not one that could be traced back to my husband.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about my writing process.  Oh, wait, I don’t have one!  I basically sit down every day and work.  That’s it.  I’m either writing, reading, editing or brainstorming.  I don’t lay a book out ahead of time, write extensive histories of the characters, or do a whole ton of research when I start.  I start with whatever I have – a concept, name, or place – and I go from there.  I don’t start editing until I’m done, and if I have research to do (which I almost always have to look up a few things), it usually gets done at the end.  I daydream about my books.  If I get stuck, I spend time just thinking about the characters and what I want from them, and I wait for them to speak back to me.  You might think that as an author there’s a sort of godlike ability with the world that you’ve created, but that’s not entirely true.  If you’ve ever read a story in which a character acted completely out of character, then you know what I mean.  If I set up a character to be an alpha male, then I can’t have him skipping and picking daisies in the next chapter.

This is my office.  Boring, right?  But all mine!  I’ve got my iPod for music, plus I’m always on YouTube looking for hot men to play leads (at least in my mind).  I’m a big procrastinater on YouTube.  So much fun stuff to explore.

We recently purchased a weekend home on a lagoon in a bay off the Atlantic Ocean.  We spend long weekends and vacation time in our little home, boating and hanging out.  I love having a place to go where we can just unwind and relax.  At first I thought I wouldn’t ever have time to write because we would be so busy, but then my husband surprised me by buying himself a small fishing boat.  So for several hours each morning we’re there, I can write to my hearts’ content while he takes the kids fishing.  I love that little boat!

Here are what my “weekend home” offices look like.  I have two places I like to write.  Here is the kitchen table.  Notice the can of Pepsi for a caffeine pick-me-up, my iPad for procrastinating by checking twitter, and the bag of emergency chocolate chip cookies.

My second office is in the screened-in porch off the back.  We have things here in NJ called Greenheads.  They’re little biting flies with bright green heads.  Ugh, they hurt and make it impossible to be outside sometimes, so when I want to be out in the fresh air, I sit on the screened in porch, laptop on lap.  I love looking out over the water, and out there I have an incredible view of the lagoon.  In the morning, before everyone is up, I sit out there with a mug of hot tea and just dig the quiet.  Everyone needs a place where they can get away from things and just decompress.  I’m lucky to have access to such an amazing place.

What makes me tick?  I’m a wife and mother.  I’ve been married for almost twelve years, and my daughter is 9 and my son is 4.  We have two dogs and two large tanks of South African cichlids.  This is Montana aka Bad Dog, who is always hanging out wherever I am, waiting for me to look away for one second so he can grab one of those cookies, or whatever else I’m snacking on.  He’s my fierce protector (doesn’t he look fierce?).  Trust me, he may look relaxed, but he’s plotting world domination that somehow involves cookies.

I love to read, I love to write, and I love to watch TV and movies, especially anything sci-fi.  Did I always want to be a writer?  Yes.  But I also wanted to marry David Hasslehoff, have a pet monkey, and be a marine biologist.  Sometimes, reality really takes a bite out of your dreams.  I’m really lucky – blessed! – to be surrounded by supportive family and friends.  I’ve learned a lot about myself since I began writing a few years ago, and taking the plunge into self-publishing has been more exciting and rewarding then I ever could have imagined.

Two commenters on this blog will receive a free digital copy of The Tribe’s Bride!  To enter, comment here on the blog and tell me, When you want to get away from everything, where do you go?  Do you have a special place in your home that you can hang out, uninterrupted for a little while, or do you go somewhere special for that oh-so-precious me-time?

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Thank you for joining me today on my “stop” on the blog tour.  On the right side of my blog, you’ll see a list of the blogs that are part of the tour, I hope you’ll stop by each one.  Follow me on twitter @rebutlerauthor to keep up with the blogs on tour each day.  I look forward to hearing from everyone!  All the Best, R

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6 comments on “Blog Tour Stop: Inside the Mind of RE Butler

  1. My special place is my bedroom. Turn on the fan on high and lay down and read for hours. My work is very very busy and stressful…so I always look forward to coming to my “cave” and relax. It’s quiet and comfortable and the fan muffles any sound coming from anywhere in the house…all but my dog’s bark. Of course….can’t be in the bedroom for too long, especially if the hubby is home. He knows where I’m hiding if I “dissapear.”

    Btw…I looove your new fancy flip flops! And your dog is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself.

    • I wish I could get to the movies more! I was reading some time-travel/transportation books a while back and couldn’t find one about an indian tribe in the past, so I wrote it myself! 🙂

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