Birthday Bash & Release Day Contest!

IT’S ALMOST HERE!  In five short days, not only will I be a year older, but I’ll be publishing the fourth in the wiccan-were-bear series and giving away a ton of prizes!  I’m just so thrilled for A Bond of Brothers (Lynk & Tavian’s) story to come out.  We’re back to the den with this book, my lovelies, as Ash and Axe’s younger brothers, Lynk and Tavian find out whether their bond is strong enough to survive sharing a spirited fairy named Shaylee.  I had a ball writing this story and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

This book, I added a new beta-reader, the sweetly inspiring Jacq.  I’m so happy to have her on-board.  It’s really important to me that the people who read my stories, especially the wiccan and wolf series that tie into each other, actually really enjoyed the books.  Jacq came to me as a fan and our collaboration was born.  It’s wonderful to have another pair of eyes on my work.  And it’s a hint to any of you out there with editing talents – don’t be afraid to approach your favorite indie author and offer yourself as a reader.  They might just say yes.  🙂

I couldn’t have finished the book without Kameko Gay, who has been by my side since Day One, supporting and encouraging me, reading and editing me, and making my fantastic covers.  All out of the graciousness of her heart.

….On to the contest….

How do you enter?  EASY!  Just comment on this blog before 10:00 a.m. EST on Friday, August 24th.  What should you comment?  I want to know whose book you’d like to see next in the wiccan series.  Griegs?  Daeton?  Shy & Teck?  Tosh?  Jes?  Melo?  (And feel free to toss in some happy birthday wishes to me, too!).  Your comment will earn you an entry in the drawing.

I’m giving away twelve prizes to celebrate my birthday and the release of Lynk & Tavian’s story and here they are!

First up?  Ebooks of Course!  Six commenters will get a free copy of A Bond of Brothers in any e-format they want, emailed right into their inboxes!

Second?  Two lucky commenters will receive a fairy pendant necklace, courtesy of Sue and her awesome store, Art in the Round.  I picked out two of my favorite pendants, because the heroine in aBoB is a fairy!  Here are pics of the two awesome pendants, which will come with 18 inch black satin necklaces.  Sue is a talented jewelry artisan and I’m so glad she was willing to help me with my birthday/release day giveaway!

Third?  Two more lucky commenters will receive an all-natural, handmade bar of brown sugar and vanilla scented soap!  The soaps are courtesy of Sheenah Freitas and her store, simplysweetstore.  Because the heroine is a “nature fairy”, I wanted to give away something natural, and I have this soap at home and I love it!  Sheenah is a sweetheart, very talented, and I’m glad that we were able to get together on this giveaway!

Is there more you ask?  Why, yes!

Last but not least…..:  Two commenters will receive a $25 gift card, B&N or Amazon, winner’s choice!!!!

How do you enter again?  Easy!  Just comment on the next book you’d like to see in the wiccan series between now and 10:00 a.m. EST Friday, 8/24, on this blog post.

I look forward to celebrating my birthday with you and reading your comments.  Thanks for joining me!  All the best, R

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79 comments on “Birthday Bash & Release Day Contest!

  1. First I’d like to say happy birthday. I love all the books you have written I have read them all more than once expect for the Tribe’s bride I just finished that last night but I’m sure I will read it again. I would love to read shy and teck’s story next.

    • Thanks, Sabrina! Such a sweet thing to hear you’ve read the stories more than once! Thanks for commenting! I’m looking forward to seeing what Shy & Teck’s story has in “store” for them. 🙂

  2. I would like to see Griegs story next. Since he was in the 1st book and got passed over for the twins he needs his own happy ending!!!

  3. Hope you a Happy Birthday! Its hard tor me to choose which character I would like to see most. Its between Melo and Jes. I think Jes because he was willing to fight for love in the first book.

    • Thanks, Geri! Melo happens to be one of my favs, and I also like Jes – you’re right, he was the only one who really put up a fight and that speaks to his character. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday too you R.E I hope you have a wonderfull day full of love and laughter. : )

    I would like to say since I found your series on all your books I have been hooked and as soon as you say when the next one will be released I goes onto my calander so I will not forget. My favorite series has been the Wiccan Were Bear.

    Regarding the the next Wiccan-Were Bear series I would like to see Shy & Teck story or Tosh story but honestly whichever one you choose to do will be great from my point of view. I am just happy that they keep coming like so many other readers I reread them because I enjoy the stories so much. I can’t wait for the next Necklace book either. Good book couldn’t put it down until I finished it.
    So again Happy Birthday and enjoy your day : )


    • Aw, Shawnnita, thank you so much! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books. Shy and Teck’s story is on my to-do list for next year, and I’d really love to have time to get to Tosh’s story as well. The serpents just seem like such a cool shifter group!

  5. Happy Birthday on friday! I have just recently “discovored” you, and love your books, I look forward to more wiccan-were-bear books! I have just finished a flash og fang, and the ending spike my curiosity of what would happen to Shy and Teck, but I would also like to know what happens to Melo and Jes

  6. Oh my goodness HAPPY Birthday Week.I hope it goes exactly like you want it to.Looking forward to the new book so much all the characters are favs of mine.I have memorized my favorite parts which is at least 75% of all of them but that is what great books do to you.Wishing you all the best.Which ever story comes next will be every bit as good if not better than all the rest.

  7. Happy birthday i love love love your series so glad they are all tieing in together and cant wait for the next one to come out i am thinking after the brothers maybe tosh or melo would love to see who they end up with if they get two mates so excited for the next book in this series to come out cant wait to read this one …keep on writing these amazing books i hope you enjoy your birthday as much as i enjoy reading your work 🙂

  8. As a fellow august baby i wish you many happy birthday wishes! I love all you write and can’t wait for more. I would love for grieges to be next. Again happy birthday.

  9. First off Happy Birthday for on friday! I hope you have a great day. I only recently started reading your books and have read all the wiccan-were-bear series and also the Tribes Bride and I am waiting for some time to read the books about Tressel pack. I would love love for the next story to be about Shy and Teck or maybe another one about Daeton. I know I’ll love it whoever you chose to write about next.

  10. Of course first I’d like to say I hope your Birthday is full of love and happiness! At first I was going to chose Melo becuz I thinkbof him as a gorgeous bad boy but so many have chosen him that I thought I would go in a different direction. Jesuit the falcoln king is who I chose because in the first book he is suppose to find love. I also think all the things a falcon shifter could do would be amazing reading.

  11. Just writing to wish you a crazy happy bday, I hope you go out on your special day and live it up! Enjoy your day off and thanks for always getting back to me on goodreads, I have so much fun coming up with books to sure. Haikufall.

  12. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, and may you have many many more too come, but mot of all thank you for giving us a present. I have told you before how much I have enjoyed your writing since a friend recommended you to me a few months ago when I was looking for a break from my own writing. She knew my love for shape shifters as well all things native american and steered me in your direction and I haven’t regretted a moment spent with your books. As for the next story I would like to see I want to see Griegs next as I felt sorry for him and I wanna see him get his HEA…..I am a sucker for HEA but I wouldn’t mind any of them because you have given us so many great characters.

    • Oh, Mary, you’re so sweet! I’m so glad to share my writing with others like yourself. It really fills me with such joy to know that people enjoy my stories. I’m a sucker for a HEA, too. 🙂 Thanks for the super compliments, I’m blushing!

  13. This is a hard question! I would probably choose Daeton. There are so many possibilities of what may happen in the Medes Realm….what would Daeton’s children look like? That is something I’m really looking forward to…whenever and if you decide to write about that (which I hope you do). I would also love to read about Shy,Teck, and the young woman Teck was dreaming about 🙂

    Good thing there are so many characters…that should guarantee us fans a hopefully never ending supply of stories by R.E.!

    BTW….Happy Early Birthday!!! Hope you have great things planned for the weekend!

  14. A very Happy Birthday to you! Love all your books so much I will be rereading them regularly and adding each new one to the shelf as soon as I can. I would love to hear Brone’s story. I’m a sucker for the large taciturn type and when he turned up at Elizabeth’s and just said, “I need”…..stole my heart completely! Blessings

    • Thank you so much, Caroline! I’m so glad you have enjoyed my stories! Ah, one of my favorite lines in the first book is Brone’s. I love the strong silent type. Add in the purple eyes and double fangs…I’m toast.

  15. Happy birthday! I hope u having a awesme one! I wish the best birthday wishes! I can’t wait to read a bond of brothers! I want to read melos or griegs story! They are both great chacters that I fell in love at the beggining!

    • Melo’s one of my favs, Valerie, but then again I’ve grown to love all the guys from the first two stories, and the others as they’ve come along as well. It’s such a cool world! Thanks so much for the b-day wishes!

  16. ♥♥ Happy Birthday to You…..Happy to You….Happy birthday to one of favorite indie authors happy birthday to YOU!!!…lol ♥♥
    Happy Birthday hope your having/had a Awsome day! & Congrats on the new book release.

    i think its a hard one choosing just one because i love all the chracters & books….but I would have say dateon & her mates, like if they kids…how’s that gonna turn out…hmmmmm
    I’m aslo very curious about Griegs, & were his been since getting dumped for his twin (gorgeous) brothers….*ouch* that’s gotta hurt.

    hmmmm…to many to choose can’t we just do everybody! Please?…

  17. I’d like to see Shy & Tek. It would be fun if they met another set of twins since your stories have twins with strong bonds. Happy Bdaya

  18. I just loved CURVE OF CLAW and FANG so, would love to see Shy and Tek take centre stage. The others can come after that. Have a great day on your birthday.

  19. Happy happy birthday xxxxxx. I would love for you to write about John, Aaron and grant eryx and Ethan’s uncles. All those wee cubs need a loving mummy. If she just happens to be the mate of all three then who are we to argue!!!!! Again have a happy birthday n keep writing xxxxx

    • Hi PK74! Thanks for the bday wishes! Aw, you must be reading my mind! I’m working on the first of a new series all about the mountain lions in Ashland. Great idea! Thanks for your support!

  20. Oooh! Happy 25+ Birthday! 🙂 Hope you made tons of memories!! I love all the books you have written, I accidently came across your books a couple months and I can’t believe I read all of them already…. I love all of the stories!! I would love to read more about Daeton’s or Melo’s story next. I love Daeton’s character and would love to read about the next chapter of her life with her husbands and her family. On the other hand, Melo is just so mysterious and I can’t wait to read about him and his life either! I can’t choose ;)….

    • Hi Anji! Thanks for the wishes! I’m so glad you found me and have enjoyed my stories. Hopefully you won’t have to choose, I’m working on both of their stories, along with so many others! That world is just so full of incredible characters with stories to tell.

  21. Just wanted to say happy birthday..I can’t wait to read the new book.I am dying for the new wolfs mate book..those are my favorite..I have read the first 3 a dozen favorite is callie and the cats..but I am also dying to read a book about shy and tecks story and daetons story.

      • I can’t wait for michaels story..october seem so far away..I hope for a book about the cats in ashland..I would love to read one about alek

      • I’m actually in the process of writing a new series that centers entirely on the Ashland Mountain Lion Pride. Most likely won’t be out until next year, but I’m really excited to explore the men (and their mates), and Alek really needs a woman to set him straight!

      • I have always enjoyed writing and reading so sometimes I right my own stoires for different characters I read about.I never let anyone read them though..I have always seen michael with a fae or maybe a half witch..someone to really throw him for a loop

      • I used to keep all my writing to myself, too, Meghean. And then I took a chance and shared something with an internet buddy and from there I got the courage to move forward and publish. That would have been a great idea for Michael’s girl…if the story wasn’t already written! 🙂 He definitely needed a special woman to put up with his wise-cracking nature. I’m adding more characters to the stories going forward so it won’t end with Bo’s story but will continue on for several more books at least, so maybe I’ll be able to work in a really unique character as a mate for one of the new additions. 🙂

  22. Happy Birthday! I believe I would like to see Jes or Griegs’ story next. They seemed the most urgent/ unfinished from the very beginning as they were the two most upset by the events that started the Journey ( mainly the collaring of Ash and Axe to Elizabeth)

  23. I hope you have a Happy Birthday!!! 🙂 I was hooked on the wiccan-bear series as soon as I read curve of the claw and since then have reread each and every book in the series since then countless times. I would love to read Jes’s and Mishka’s stories next.

    • Amanda, thank you so much. I’m glad I “hooked” you! Jes…such a strong character and a prince of his people. And Mishka…who wouldn’t love a 500 year old Russian vampire that’s head of the biggest coven in the state? Thanks for the b-day wishes, the comments on the blog have made it a really wonderful week so far!

  24. First I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and many many more !!!!!!!!! I have read all of your book and loved them all. I’m pretty sure any book that follows will be great but I would love to read about Melo.

  25. I wish you Happy Birthday!!!
    I’d like to read Jes’s story… he is the falcon prince, and I always loved the books with falcon shape shifters. And I can’t wait to read how his mate will go to him on white wings.

  26. Happy Birthday to a great writer! I so enjoy reading your books! I have now read all the Wiccan-Were-Bear books and I would love to see Griegs story. After ABond of Brothers, you have explored all the Stalking Horse children expect for Griegs. I am curious to know his story after the collaring ceremony. I believe in time you will tell us. You never disappoint! I look forward to reading A Bond of Brothers!!!!! Enjoy your Birthday week and weekend!

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! So looking to reading this book! would Love to see Jes story, the Falcon Prince, and his mate with white wings….

  28. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day and may all your wishes come true. 🙂 As for who’s story I would love to read next, I’m also gonna vote for Shy & Teck. I would love to read about any of Elizabeth’s daughters as well. Or more Centaurs.

    • Thanks, Nina! You’re the first to mention Elizabeth’s little girls! Won’t they be fun to explore in the future? 🙂 Shy & Teck are on my radar for their story soon, hopefully! I dig the Centaurs, too. There’s just something so magical about them, and I love the Medes Realm and can’t wait to get back there for Daeton’s follow-up story and maybe a few other stories from there as well, too!

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