A Bond of Brothers Release & WINNERS!!

Well, Happy Birthday to Me!  My theme song for this birthday is my current muscial crush, Trey Songz, and his awesome hit, “Say Aah”.  If you haven’t heard or seen it, check out the youtube link here.  That is one sexy party.

It was really amazing to wake up and see A Bond of Brothers on Amazon and Smashwords!  You can buy the book for 99 cents on Amazon here or on Smashwords here.  As always, they will arrive at B&N, Apple, and other retailers within 6 to 8 weeks, but you can purchase any format of the ebook from Smashwords and save yourself the wait!  “Like” my Facebook page to keep up with upcoming release dates, book arrivals on retailer sites, and (if you haven’t checked it out yet) a very cool photo grouping of celebrities that remind me and my fans of the characters in both the wolf and wiccan stories.

*Many thanks to Alex G. for handling the Facebook site for me!*  *Thanks to Jacq McNeill for her beta-reading help!*

*Thanks to Kameko Gay for her beta-reading, editing eye, and awesome cover!*

**On to the winners!**

First, I’d like to thank everyone who commented.  Over thirty comments for this contest!!  I really, really enjoyed reading the responses to the question of which book you’d like to see next in the wiccan series.  When you finish A Bond of Brothers, don’t forget to keep reading for the description of the next story in the series…I won’t spoil the fun and I hope you’ll be pleased with my choice!

Using randomizer.org, the following 12 people have won prizes.  Each winner will receive an email from me.  If you won a book or gift card, please reply back to me with the correct format for ebook/gift card choice and the right email addy to use.  If you have won a necklace or handmade bar of soap, I need your physical mailing address to send to the etsy.com store owners.  Please get back to me as soon as possible if you’re chosen!

Prize 1:  6 eBooks of A Bond of Brothers (winner’s choice of format)

1. Caroline Toye

2. DBorra

3. Christina Rodriguez

4. Vivian Furch

5. Sabrina

6. Mary

Prize 2:  2 Fairy Pendant Necklaces on 18 inch black satin cords, courtesy of Sue @ artintheround etsy.com store (click the link to view the page with the photos):

7.  “Fairy Moon Flute”  –  Amanda

8.  “Fairy On Limb with Flower”  –  Maria

Prize 3:  2 Handmade Brown Sugar Vanilla Bars of Soap, courtesy of Sheenah Freitas @ simplysweetstore etsy.com store (click the link to view the page with the photos):

9.  Shelley Chastagner

10.  Bente Correll

Prize 4:  2 $25 gift cards to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, winner’s choice:

11.  Rosa

12.  Erica Ortega

*CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!*

Thank you to all who participated in the blog contest and for your support, kind words, and birthday wishes.  It’s been a great week and a really extra special birthday.

All the best, R

Connect with me online:  At my Facebook Author Page, on Twitter @rebutlerauthor, or by email at rebutlerauthor@gmail.com


4 comments on “A Bond of Brothers Release & WINNERS!!

  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Curve of Claw, and look forward to reading other works in the series.

    Best Happy Birthday wishes to you. I reach the half century mark on 8/29, hopefully to be enjoyed with a little quiet reading time and a glass of merlot.


  2. A Bond of Brothers was a page turner! Once I started it, I could not put it down until I finished the book. Shaylee’s fairy past was the mystery needed to hook you from the beginning of the book. Then the love story developed! To say I am looking forward to the next book, is an understatement. I simply cannot wait. R.E. Butler you delivered perfection yet again!!!

    • Oh Erica, you made my day!! Thank you so much for letting me know how much you enjoyed Bond. I’m really looking forward to finishing the fifth book and getting it out as well. I’m blushing and grinning. Thanks for the compliments! All the best, R

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