The Wolf’s Mate 4…Cover Reveal & Teaser Treat!

I am incredibly excited to share news about the fourth book in The Wolf’s Mate series, Michael & Shyne!  I always knew I’d write a story for Michael, ever since the scene in Book 1, when he wore a French Maid outfit to serve breakfast to Cades, Jason, Linus and Bo.  But he needed just the right kind of woman to be his mate, and it was from many conversations with friends and fans that Shyne Jackson was created.

First…the cover.  Once more, Ramona of Covers By Ramona, worked her magic and came through with an incredibly sexy cover!  If you’re in need of a cover, she’s your girl!  Below is the drool-worthy cover and blurb for Michael’s story, debuting on Smashwords and Amazon on….

**October 12**

The Wolf’s Mate Book 4:  Michael & Shyne

Michael Gerrick was beginning to wonder if he would ever find his truemate.  Fate seemed to smile on him, when he fell hard for the delectable fitness instructor, Shyne.  The only problem:  three were-hyenas want her for their clan and are willing to do anything to get him out of the way.

Shyne Jackson was smitten with Michael from the moment they met.  Swept up by his devastating good looks and sense of humor, she’s unaware of the plotting of her were-hyena bosses behind the scenes as they attempt to keep her and Michael apart.  When they cross the line, will a showdown of fur and claws destroy everything she holds dear?

This book is for mature readers only and contains a wolf looking for his mate, a woman with a dark past, neck biting, plenty of teasing, wisecracks galore, and creative use of a pool table.

The fourth installment of The Wolf’s Mate series will debut at 1.99 on both Smashwords and Amazon, but watch for the blog post on October 12th for a coupon for $1 off the book on Smashwords, good for the entire weekend!

To whet your appetite for a little Michael-goodness, here’s one of my favorite scenes from the story:

Michael folded his arms across his chest, and his arms bulged with the motion.  She was unable to maintain eye contact with him, as her whole body heated and her heart began to beat faster.  He tipped her chin up with one finger.  “You want me to tell you the truth?”

“I want…” she managed to get out but was entirely unable to concentrate while he was touching her.

He seized her in his arms, the air whooshing out of her lungs, and she gasped a deep breath in surprise.  His mouth landed on hers, and his tongue demanded entrance.  She opened willingly, burying her fingers in his soft hair.  “Tell me you’re mine,” he growled against her mouth, his voice deeper than normal, the sound of pure pleasure.

“Yes, Michael,” she moaned as he lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bed.  Her back met the sheets, and he followed her down, standing on the floor as he leaned over her, still holding her body tight to his.

His lush mouth nipped across her jaw and down her neck, and he sucked her flesh into his mouth and bit down on her pulse, hard enough to bruise and make her nerve endings go haywire.  She arched up against him, grinding the apex of her thighs against the zipper of his jeans.

She ripped the shirt up his body and nicked his back with her nails as she went.  He shuddered and released her flesh, licking across the bruise and nuzzling under her ear. 

* * * * *

I couldn’t have done Michael’s story without the influence of Kameko Gay, my longtime friend and reader.  I’d also like to thank Jacq for her advice and support and Alex G. for running my Facebook page and being so incredible.  And to my fans and friends on Twitter & Facebook…thank you for everything.

And finally, I’d like to thank Lisa at Editor’s Cove, who willingly dove head-first into Michael’s story and took her virtual red pen to my words.  She provided a thorough edit of the story for me and helped me to bring this final, amazing work to you.  She’s great to work with!  If you’re in need of an editor, you can find her here or click the permanent link to the right on my main blog page.

Michael’s book will be out in twelve short days!  All the best, R


32 comments on “The Wolf’s Mate 4…Cover Reveal & Teaser Treat!

  1. The cover is awesome..I have the countdown on my phone..12 days and counting..can’t wait..your are my favorite author..I love your inspired me to start writing my own book.

    • Hi Rita! B&N pubs later than Amazon ’cause I use Smashwords as a mediator for all the major distributors. The short of it is that it’ll come around 4 to 6 weeks after it hits the virtual shelves. OR…you can get it on Smashwords on the 12th for any device, including the Nook. 🙂

  2. Hey R.E
    I have a great idea show more flesh next time on the covers but god do I love your books I have to agree with everyone else you are an awesome writer and I read everyone of your books. Let others I have the nook : ( so I always go to smashword to get my books that you have writen so I can get my dose of the stories that I so enjoy. Please keep up the good work. Now I am waiting for another story on the were bear clan : )

    • Too funny, Shawnnita! We’ll have to put a warning on the future covers if we go sexier! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m thankful that Smashwords allows everyone to get the books on the pub date. Griegs story is coming out November 1 (it’s Michael’s month, after all!). And then…I don’t know. Bo and….Melo next year? We’ll see! 🙂

  3. Holy hotness!!! Melting here looking at that hot bod. So excited to read Michael’s story. The scene where he wore the French Maid’s outfit is one of my favorites. Every time I think of Michael I can only think about that scene and cannot help it but grin.

    • Thanks, Marly! I’m working on Bo’s story as we speak and hope to have him out in January or February! Keep your fingers crossed that the muses will be kind to me! 🙂

  4. Omg I can’t wait to read Michael’s story. Barnes & Noble takes forever so I buy all your stories on smashword. I loved Michael since the maid outfit as well so glad he finally gets a mate.

  5. I think this series should be made into movies I’ve read each one about 4 times and I cannot get enough of them my friends all thought I was crazy till I told them to read the books now they are all hooked and I just cant wait to read more about Bo & Reika, Bo needs some love and a good woman

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