Happy Thanksgiving & New Series Teaser

To all my fans and friends in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday.  I just love turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie with a mile high pile of whipped cream.  I started cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family about ten years ago.  My daughter was just eight weeks old at the time and she was an early riser then, so she sat in her swing in the kitchen while I put the turkey in the oven and got everything cooking.  For two years, we lived in Sacramento, California, and it was just our little family – no visitors – and I still put on the huge meal because it made me feel connected to my family even though we were several hundred miles apart.  Now that we live in New Jersey, my family stays in Ohio and celebrates on their own, and my husband’s family joins us for the day.  I love sharing the traditions that I grew up with, and having family close enough to travel on the holidays.

The holiday just kind of crept up on me, since it’s a week earlier this year.  I was just wondering why the “Black Friday” commercials were on the TV when I looked at the calendar to find out I had very little time to get my butt in gear.  But I really don’t mind.  Staying up late all week cooking and preparing and then getting up before the sun comes up to start the meal….it’s such a sweet time for me.  A time to be thankful for all that we have – our health, our family, our friends, and coming through the hurricane safely – and to think back fondly on the family members that aren’t with us any longer.

I’m very thankful for all of you that follow the blog, send me encouraging emails and Facebook posts, and read my books.  I never imagined when I first published A Curve of Claw in 2011 that I would have fans outside of my family and my beta-reader.  Now, I can count among my friends people of all ages, from different parts of the world and even here in my home state of New Jersey, and it all started with the idea of a party-girl witch and her twin were-bear mates.

If you’ve read Michael’s story, The Wolf’s Mate Book 4, then you know that the “bad guys” – the were-hyenas Dante, Cairo and Mason – weren’t really pictured in a very good light.  But I knew that deep down, all they wanted was to find their mate, so I promised them that I’d write a story just for them, which is where the new series Hyena Heat comes in.  The debut novel will be released on Thursday, December 6th.  To celebrate the new series, I’ll be having an awesome giveaway beginning Monday, December 3rd.  I’ve got gift packs to send out, free ebooks, and gift cards galore!  I can’t wait to share the story of the hyena clan with you.  The official description is below.  Stay tuned to the blog for further updates, including my amazing cover and the giveaway details on December 3rd!!

I wish you all a very wonderful holiday.  Thank you, sincerely, for everything.

Coming December 2012….

Every Night Forever (Hyena Heat One)

by R.E. Butler

After narrowly avoiding a personal disaster, she-wolf Alyssa Morgan can’t wait to leave her wolf pack and start her life over.  Trying to rebuild her shattered self-esteem, she swears off relationships.  When she accepts at job at Stone’s gym, working for three hunky were-hyena brothers, she discovers the hardest thing she ever had to do wasn’t leaving her pack, but keeping them at arm’s length.

Dante, Cairo, and Mason Stone have been unlucky in love.  As were-hyenas, they need to share a mate, and they hadn’t found the right woman… until Alyssa walked through the door.  But the sweet she-wolf was anything but interested in a relationship with them.  Oppressed within her wolf pack, she didn’t see herself as worthy of their affection.  When her life was threatened and they almost lost her, they decided it was time to convince her that she was their mate and they were perfect for each other.

This story contains one she-wolf trying to find herself, three overprotective were-hyenas with love on their minds, m/f/m/m interaction, neck biting, and symbolic tattoos.

* * * * *


18 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving & New Series Teaser

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I recently watched a special on the Discovery Channel about “Sandy”. OMG! First off, The news channels here in Vegas really didn’t give too much detail on the intensity of destruction from the storm. I had no idea how bad it actually was. And you went through it!! Geez, I am so glad you made it out ok!
    I can’t freakin wait for the 6th to get here! I always felt kinda bad for the brothers, even if they were a couple of asses at times, lol.

    I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday!


    • Thank you so much, GinaMarie! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Yes, we’re definitely very glad that we came through Sandy safely, when people just an hour to us lost everything. The Stone Brothers made great bad guys, but they’ll make even better heroes. Best, R

  2. Sounds fabulous!! I loved Michael’s story! I can not wait for this book!

    Happy Thanksgiving to a great writer and her family!!

  3. Happy thankgiving!! This book sounds awseome! Can’t wait for the give away too..maybe I will wine something..never won anything before.

  4. Isn’t it interesting that the mate they so longed for is one of those terrible wolves they so hated not so long ago. I can’t wait to read this.

  5. I’m so hoping that the Stone brothers can redeem themselves in my eyes. I think it’s funny that their mate is a wolf. I thought she would’ve been a different type a were but definitely didn’t expect her to be a werewolf.

  6. Helllo RE I hope your Thanksgiving was great mine was but what makes it better is knowing you have another series to add to my collection and I can’t wait yea keep them coming and I will continue reading them so far since March 2012 I have burned up 3 nooks with my reading but I so enjoy your books. : )

    Thank you for sharing a piece of the romance with your devoted readers keep them coming please………..

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