WINNERS! Every Night Forever Contest is Now Closed!

I’m just overwhelmed by the great response to the comment contest, almost 50 commenters for this giveaway, which is so wonderful.  I really enjoyed reading about everyone’s favorite bad boys in books, tv, and movies.  Many of them were some of mine and some inspired me to find out more about them.

OK…onto the prizes!

I used to help me pick the winners.  If you were chosen, you will get an email from me shortly explaining your prize and what to do to collect it.

1.  Four ebooks of Every Night Forever

1.  haikufall

2.  Desiree

3.  Misty C

4.  Maria Sanchez

2.  Two $5 gift cards (Amazon or B&N, winners choice) along with ebooks of Every Night Forever

1.  Jennifer Hernandez-Medina

2.  theresamargueritehewitt

3. Two $10 gift cards (Amazon or B&N, winners choice) along with ebooks of Every Night Forever

1.  Meghean

2.  Mary

4.  Two $25 gift cards (Amazon or B&N, winners choice) along with ebooks of Every Night Forever

1.  Wendy

2.  Shawnnita

5.  Three Gift Bags (see contents below), three $10 gift cards (Amazon or B&N) along with three ebooks of Every Night Forever

1.  Lori Martini

2.  GinaMarie

3.  Candice

I’d like to thank everyone who entered the contest by commenting.  I’m especially thankful for my fans and friends who came out in droves to support me and my new book.  I wish you a very wonderful day, and as always….Happy Reading!  XOXO, RE


18 comments on “WINNERS! Every Night Forever Contest is Now Closed!

  1. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks SO much R. E. for the gift card and book! This is the first thing I have ever won! You are the best!!


    I can’t wait! But i already bought “Every Night”, whoops! LoL… Sorry, but I just had to get it as soon as it was released… 😉

    • Don’t forget to email me, Gina, with your home address and what gift card you want! I’ll send you Bo’s story when it comes out in January since you already got ENF. I’m very flattered you couldn’t wait! 🙂

  3. Just finished the new book…fun stuff…patiently waiting for Bo’s story can’t wait….thanks for writing your stories:-D. And I totally agree that Damon is the hottest bad boy right now.

  4. RE

    WOO HOOO I won yea I was so excited to see this yea for me …. : )

    I told you that I would give you my review of the book so here it goes ( Did get it on the 5th and I did leave work early and the family took one look at me and left me alone I even got dinner in bed lol from the loveable hubby : ) )

    I think this will also be a very well like series and I hope it goes to more than three books since you already did Dante, Cairo, Mason, and Alyssa story and you have two more hyena clans to do stories on I can’t wait until your second book in this series regarding the next three brothers Orion, Crux and Sterling.

    SO here is my thoughts on the newest series of Hyena Heat I just loved it I couldn’t put it down you kept my attention and I couldn’t wait to see what they would do next. I loved it from the flirty and sweet Mason to the overprotective Cairo and last but not least the ever so are we sure she is out Mate Dante. I loved the story line how they worked on gaining her love and trust and how they didn’t hold anything against her. I found myself saying just tell them how you feel or guys just jump her then tell her what is going on, now I can’t wait until the next one to come out.

    So can’t you just clone yourself and write more books faster lol the wait is the killer for me but I guess I can do that lol. Now I am waiting for Wolf Mate Book 5 Bo/ Reika story and Wiccan-Bear Twitch of Tail Melos Story and of course Hyena Heat Every Dawn Forever.

    Now I will wait for you to contact me regarding my prizes

    Thank you for such wonderful books that make me laugh cry and just enjoyable to read.

    Shawnnita Miranda

    • I just sent you an email, Shawnnita! My program was messing with emaily addys I think. Sorry for the delay. Amazing review, I’m really humbled by your sweet words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. How lucky to get dinner in bed! I’m writing as fast as I can, I promise. 😉 All the best, RE

  5. Ok, so this very excited and thankful winner has just finished the “Every Night Forever” book, and as ALWAYS….you never fail. The book was amazing as with all your books. All your books have their very own unique qualities, and this hyena book was so fascinating. While reading the book, it was clear as day that you truly spent time in developing these characters. Alyssa was such a fragile character, but with an amazing inner strength. I love her and her relationship with the fellas. I don’t know where you get your inspiration for the character names, but keep it coming because Dante, Cairo, and Mason are just yummolicious and perfect!
    As always, thank you for sharing your passion for writing with us. I look forward to all your upcoming releases!
    Happy Holidays

    • THANK you so much, Desiree! I’m so humbled by all that you said. I have been working on this story for months, and I also had a really great editor. I’m so glad you liked the book (and their names – Cairo is my favorite name ever now). You’re so sweet. Happy holidays to you, too. Best, R

  6. Just emailing to say I really enjoyed the contest and was wounding if you could resend the email about how I collected my copy of Every Night Forevers. I have been having problems with my email and may not have received the email.

    Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 17:15:02 +0000 To:

  7. I know that your contest is now closed, but I can’t help commenting. I started reading your books a couple of months ago, when I bought my son a kindle. I started out with free books you offered first. I am now insanely addicted. So much so, a friend of mine, I was sharing your books with, through her phone, went out and bought a kindle for easier reading, to read your books as well. In turn, another girlfriend of mine did the same thing. Now there are 3 of us. It is like having a book club. I can’ t wait for more to come out. Keep on writing WE love your character. Thank you.

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