Cover Reveal, Excerpt, & Publication Info: The Wolf’s Mate Book 6

Final The Wolf's Mate Book 6 copyWhen I first introduced Logan’s character in the fourth wolf book, I created him to be more than what he appeared.  I wanted to have a character that was all bad-ass on the outside, sweetheart on the inside.  Logan looks like he could punch a hole through a door.  He looks like he could beat someone to death with their own arms.  But underneath the tattoos and the muscles, is a wolf that’s looking for his mate.  And that’s what I really love about his character.  When I approached my cover designer, Ramona, about creating the cover for this book, it took forever for us to find just the right guy to represent Logan.  He had to be huge.  Not just muscular, but bigger than all the other cover models from the other books.  And even in a relaxed pose, he had to look dangerous.  Finally, we found the right guy, and the cover became a reality, and I fell in love with Logan’s character all over again.  *fans self*  I adore this cover.  I think it captures him perfectly and I’m so glad to be able to debut it here on the blog!  Special thanks to Ramona of Romance Book Cover Designs, who selflessly poured over muscular hotties for hours trying to find the man who would match the picture in my head!

Now…onto the good stuff!  Logan’s book will hit the virtual stands the week of May 15th.  Since I’m not psychic and I don’t know for sure when the various sites will have the book actually up, I’m going with what I did for the last book release and announcing a time frame.  I’ll post here on the blog and my Facebook page when the book is live on Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.  I wish I could be more specific, but publication delays that are out of my hands prevent that.  Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy the official description and an exclusive excerpt of Logan’s book!

The Wolf’s Mate Book 6:  Logan & Jenna

The last thing Logan Anderson wanted to do with his Saturday evening was watch over the young wolf males in his pack while they attended a dance in hopes of finding their mates.  As the night wore on, he began to feel compelled to leave, and his instincts lead him to race into the woods at the side of the highway.  In the darkness of the woods, he found a woman near death, who begged him to protect her.  Now, nothing is more important than helping her get well.  He’ll deal with those who hurt her…  later.

Jenna Odile planned to spend the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday partying with her friends before she cast a spell to find her truemate.  Before she can, she’s captured by a group of criminally-minded werewolves who want to use her fae-abilities to commit crimes.  Poisoned and left for dead, she used the last of her strength to cast the spell for her truemate, hoping that he would find her before it was too late.

This story contains a male werewolf with a dark past, a fairy who can’t wait to find her truemate, and the betrayal that brings them together.  Features hot werewolf-fairy loving, mythical creatures, full moon madness, and lots of neck biting.

**An Exclusive Excerpt from Chapter 1!!**

Babysitting a bunch of barely-legal wolves on a Saturday night?  That was not how he’d pictured his life turning out.

Across the buffet from him, as he speared a thick wedge of pot roast, Ben said, “Look, there’ll be lots of human and wolf females there looking for a good time, but there will also be other males as well.  It just makes sense to have someone who’ll be the voice of reason.  Plus, you’re big as hell, man.  With your tatts and everything, no one will mess with us, except maybe some tasty ladies.”  Ben grinned broadly and Logan was struck by just how young Ben was and how old that made him feel.

“When is it again?” he grumbled, taking his meat-laden plate back to the table.

Ben plopped down across from him with an equally piled-high plate, and lifted his fork and knife.  “Tomorrow.  It’s in Somerset, so we need to be on the road by seven.  There are four of us going, so we can’t fit in your pickup.  Want to take my Jeep?”

Logan snorted but conceded there wasn’t really a choice, since his truck only held two comfortably; three if they squeezed onto the bench seat.  “Fine.  But I make the rules for the trip.  No leaving anyone behind, no bringing anyone new home, and if any of your buddies annoy me I reserve the right to toss them out of the Jeep without stopping.”

Ben shook his head with a chuckle.  “No problem. I’ll let Jason know.  You won’t regret it, Logan.”  His grin softened slightly, and he looked older than he was.  “There’s a female out there for you somewhere.  I know you’ll find her.”

Suddenly uncomfortable, Logan cleared his throat and turned his attention back to his plate.  “Eat your food, kid.  Dancing takes lots of energy.”

**Coming Soon!**

Thank to all my fans for their continued support!  Happy Reading!  XOXO, RE


56 comments on “Cover Reveal, Excerpt, & Publication Info: The Wolf’s Mate Book 6

  1. Holy HOTTness, Batman!!
    I can’t wait!
    Thanks for the teaser!
    And again… thank you for doing what you do Ms.Butler… my Kindle will never be the same! LoL


  2. AWESOME…. both the cover and the release date being soon. Ok so which one is next? Cant get enough of your books…..

  3. Good day RE like always you don’t disappoint your fans not only with the covers but with the series you always come through. But if your tired or to busy to look at all those buff men for the covers I will be happy to help you just let me know when and where lol. Have a good day and patiently waiting for the 15th of May.


    • Aw, Shawnnita! You’re so awesome! Thank you for the amazing compliments. I’ll keep you in mind for the next book cover, if my eyes get too tired, LOL!! You’re the best, thank you for stopping by!

  4. Whew weee! Now I have to agree I pictured Logan being really big, sexy hot but this cover is FABULOUS!! Hurry up May 15th and get here, my Kindle Fire will probably catch fire read this hot one! Thanks for all your hard work and for making the books come to life for all of us.

    • Thank you, Debbie! You’re so sweet, thank you for the amazing compliments. It’s thrilling to hear that you think so highly of the books and are excited for them to come out! 🙂

  5. Oh how yummy!!!!
    Yeah The new book will be hear soon!!!
    Thanks for writing such great books…even if they are addictive !

  6. WOW, totally HOT cover but then all your Wolf Mate covers are awesome also love the teaser makes me want the story :). I can’t wait to read this story have read all of them so far thoroughly enjoyed them and I also enjoy the Ashland Pride series, when is book 2 coming out for the Ashland Pride series? You are a talented writer and I love reading your books. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you like the covers. I’m writing the 2nd Ashland Pride book right now, so I’m not certain when it will be available but I hope late this summer. 🙂

    • It’ll be out the week of May 15th. But since you’re on the “list” to get a copy directly from me, I’ll be sending it to you before it hits the stands (still will be sometime around the 15th, though), so watch your email! 🙂

  7. Can’t wait to to read it. Cover is reallyyy HOT!!! Thank you for writing fantastic books. Really loving them. I don’t even get tired of reading them over and over again. 🙂

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