The Ashland Pride Series

The Ashland pride series is a spin-off series based on characters from the third The Wolf’s Mate book Callie & The Cats. After Callie’s book was published, the response from fans wanting to know more about the mountain lion pride was overwhelming and the series was born.

The first book in the series, Seducing Samantha stars two of the uncles of the heroes of Callie’s story, and features a m/f/m ménage relationship. Future books in the series will also feature ménage relationships of the m/f/m variety, with no touching for titillation between the men.

Final Seducting Samantha _10 copySeducing Samantha (Ashland Pride One)
Published February 2013

Elementary school music teacher Samantha Thomas moved to Ashland to start her life over. What she didn’t expect was for her ex-husband to follow her to Ashland to take over the vacant principal job at her school. After some clever plotting by one of her students, she meets the gorgeous Grant Fallon and accepts a date with him. On the way home, her car gets stuck and she finds herself face to face with another gorgeous man asking her for a date – Grant’s brother, Aaron. How will Sam decide between Grant and Aaron, when both men fill her with

Mountain lions Grant and Aaron Fallon grew up believing that love was not meant for their kind. When their pride left their former home in
Pennsylvania and settled in Ashland, Indiana, they were suddenly able to live their lives however they wanted, without the threat of the female lions holding them back. When they realize that they both want Samantha, they decide to follow their instincts and share her. Can two brothers share a mate? Will Samantha want to be shared?

This book contains m/f/m interaction between two mountain lion males who won’t let anyone harm their mate and a woman with a heavy heart. Expect plenty of hot sex, a little danger, handcuffs, shifting, and liberal use of the word ‘mine’.

Available for $1.99 at AmazonApple iBookstoreBarnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel, Smashwords and other eBook distributers.

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Loving Lachlyn (Ashland Pride Book Two)

Coming Soon!

For many years, Alek Fallon believed that as a mountain lion, he was fated to be alone for his life.  But in the past two years, he’s seen his twin brothers and two of his uncles find mates.  When he comes face to face with a beautiful she-bear named Lachlyn and realizes that she is meant to be his mate, hope begins to bloom in his heart.

She-bear Lachlyn Manning’s greatest fear was her den’s discovery that she was a shifting dud, unable to transform into her bear-self.  After having stayed out of town for the last six years, a death in the family sends her home.  When her king summons her and demands that she shift into her bear form, she realizes quickly that he knows she can’t shift.  There’s no room in his den for a non-shifting-bear, and he’s going to force her to shift or kill her in the process.

When were-bear Jericho Night finds his father torturing Lachlyn, all rational thought leaves him and the only thing that matters is saving Lachlyn and keeping her safe forever.  He realizes that the reason that they have never been more than casual lovers in the past is because they are part of a tri-mating and she needs to find her second mate.  He never anticipated sharing her with another male, but he’s willing to do anything to keep her safe from his father and make her happy.

Be prepared for a she-bear who can’t shift trying to find her way in the world, a mountain lion male who isn’t sure he believes in love, a pissed off male bear who won’t let anyone hurt his woman again, and meddling female mountain lions.  Contains m/f/m interaction.


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    • Thanks, Pam! I don’t have a firm date for the 2nd mountain lion book but it should be out towards the end of August or the beginning of September. When I know for sure, I’ll post on the blog.

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