April Fun (Interviews & Swag Giveaways)

Happy April!  I’m not fooling, I love my fans!

April is going to be a busy month for me, and not just because I’m editing the sixth Wolf’s Mate book.  I’m being interviewed on two blogs this month, and I’d love to have you stop by!  Commenters on the posts will be entered for fabulous giveaways.

  • Thursday, April 4th I’m guesting on TartSweet.com, which is a wonderful review site that I’ve been following faithfully for years.  The interview focuses on what being an indie author is like.  Come and comment for a chance to win an Amazon or B&N gift card worth $25 and a book from my backlist (or psst….a certain wolfish upcoming book!).
  • The week of April 22nd, I’m being interviewed on Julie Loves Books, which is a fabulous site that has given many stellar reviews for my books.  I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Amazon or B&N along with a book from my backlist.

Publishing News Update:  Logan’s book should be out in mid-May.  Although I had planned to have a release this month, the timing did not work out.  I’m hopeful to have a Hyena Heat or an Ashland Pride book out this summer, along with either another Wiccan-Were-Bear book or a Necklace Chronicles.  Although different from my plans at the beginning of the year, I promise I’m writing as fast as I can, because it’s always such a joy to share.

**Personal Contest**

April 1st to 3rd – Blog Contest – TWO winners:  $10 GC to Amazon or B&N, Wolf’s Mate Swag Pack, and eBook of your choice

  • Comment on the blog this week for a chance to win *details below*

***April 1st Blog Contest***

swag photo

Peek at my Awesome Swag!!

I have been waiting for an idea for swag for ages, and when I started writing Logan’s book earlier this year, I knew that I wanted to get something done.  So I contacted LMK Graphics and put them to work.  The result was two awesome bookmarks and four amazing magnets!  If you need swag, contact LMK!!

For this contest, the TWO winners will get a $10 GC to either Amazon or B&N, two bookmarks (one signed), and all four magnets, plus an ebook from my backlist or a copy of Logan’s book when it comes out in May.  Comments must be posted on the blog before noon on Wednesday, April 3rd.  I’ll announce the winners at that time.

How to enter:  Just comment on this blog post between now and noon EST on Wednesday, April 3rd.  Topic?  First Dates!  I’ve been thinking a lot about first dates as I’m working on some future books (Hyenas and Mountain Lions), and one of things that always comes to my mind is what sort of first date the couple/group ends up getting.  Many of my characters don’t really get a first date – Linus & Karly got sidetracked on their first date, and so did Grant and Samantha.  But Callie, Ethan, and Eryx had a really sweet date at The Vault restaurant.

So in your comment, tell me what your most memorable first date was.  Best one, worst one, strangest one, I want to hear!  My best first date was with my husband – he took me to a movie and dinner but I just knew we were going to be together permanently after that.  My worst one?  As I walked across the parking lot after dinner with my date, I slipped on ice and went down – hard – and took him with me.  Not my best moment, screaming like an idiot and flailing around like a turtle on its back.  I’m looking forward to reading your comments about your first dates!

Good luck to everyone and Happy Reading!  XOXO, RE


67 comments on “April Fun (Interviews & Swag Giveaways)

  1. My worst first date was with a man I met on a dating site. And there, immediately I must have looked desperate! Suffice it to say I was very uncomfortable, no chemistry at all and when he moved in for a clinch? Up went my arm automatically and I must have really growled “Back. Off” because he shot out of there never to be seen or heard from again. I love your books and have all of them. Can’t wait for Logan’s story and all the others in the pipeline.

    • Caroline, that’s so funny! Good for you! Sounds like he was lucky to get away with all his parts intact! Thanks so much for your sweet compliments, I have always appreciated your support!!

  2. My best first date was rather unexpected, because it was a blind double date with one of my sorority sisters, in college. She was set up with a man who had a crush on her from their Bio-Chem class, but didn’t want to go alone. So, she recruited me and J.J. (her date, now husband), recruited my date, Alan.

    Alan was gorgeous in a hot, alpha male sort of way, and was going through the Police Academy. But, at the time, I was into “intellectual” types, so I figured .I’d “take one for the team,” and help my friend out. I hoped my date would be a nice guy. I was NOT disappointed.

    Turns out that Alan was SMART, witty and LOVED British comedies. We talked ALL night long and he asked me out for lunch the next day. We dated for a few months, but realized that were better off as friends. He was one of the first men to meet, and approve of, my husband, almost 17 years ago.

    My worst date lasted about 10 minutes. He showed up in a Camaro, which I HATE. “Forgot” to move the dirty socks and cassette tapes off the passenger seat, before he picked me up. So, as I threw the pile of socks in the back seat, in disgust, I said, “listen, this is not going to happen. I’m having really bad cramps with my period this week, so I’ll just go back to my apartment and get some Midol.” He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face, and I just said, “I’m not your type, dude. I HATE Camaros. Because guys who drive them, don’t know anything about pleasing a woman. But, you’ve been chasing after Angie, so have it, dude. She likes you, AND your car.” Then, I turned around and went back upstairs.

    ~Bring on the wolves, hyenas and mountain lions! Love ’em all!

    • Oh Michelle, I laughed when I read about your worst date! The dirty socks on the car seat are awful!! It’s so awesome to hear that you stood up for yourself like that! Your “good” date story was really sweet, too. My husband was very nervous to meet my best friend (guy), because he knew how much I valued his opinion. Thanks so much for your support and sweet compliments!!

  3. okay the worst: i was a few monthes out of high school and this guy called last min to tell me he could pick me up to meet him at the resturant. When i get there hes not there he left a message with them to say he was running late. He get there 30 min later. we have dinner and talk everything seem fine untill we get ready to go and undoes his tie and top button of his shirt. There was red lipstick stain on his shrit and markes on his neck. I see this as hes asking if i want to go back to his place i ask him about it and he said the his ex had come by that is why he as late.Needless to say i didn’t go to his place nor did i see him agian.
    The Best: I had meet this guy though some friend we both had at the time. the day of our date we both ended up working later then normal and were running late so he pick me up and we decided that he would cook dinner at his place ( i couldn’t cook at the time even if my life depended on it). We ate and put a movie on that we didn’t watch because we were so tired that we feel asleep on the couch. We have been together now for almost 12 years now and have 4 kids together.

  4. My first date: He took me to a waterfall. We had known each other for awhile so we weren’t strangers. But I was stunned when all of a sudden he turned to me and gave me a scorcher of a kiss. Then, just as quickly, he turned away from me and tried to pretend nothing had happened. It was cute, and awkward. lol

  5. I have been enjoying all your books and always look forward to the next. To have the talent to be able to come up with such good story lines takes alot of hard work. Thank you for continuing your writing.

  6. Omg love and read all your books I have even got my oldest daughter reading them. I can’t wait for more thank you your the best keep up the good work.

    • Hi Valerie! Thank you so much! I’m glad that you and your daughter are both enjoying my books! You’re very welcome, and thank you again for your sweet compliments!

  7. One of my funniest first dates was with a guy I met thru church choir while in the military, it was first rehearsal I am not shy, we were singing “Jesus Loves The Little Children” on my knees singing as a little kid the kids verse and having a great time of it. This guy comes up to me after rehearsal invites me to stay for refreshments because he helped make the brownies that had extra crunchy ingredients in them, namely roaches that were prevalent down south (no real roaches were used). I agreed & over punch & brownies he told me he loved me. We have been married now for 35 years.

  8. ohh pick me pick me!! I wanna to win!!!!

    ok so best first date- I would love to say that was with my husband but, sadly it was not. Our first date was really awkard and uncomfortable but ended well. 🙂 The best first date, The fella picked me up, we were going to go bowling and ended up lost for over two hours we were both new to the area (Minneapolis) it was huge, we couldnt find the place to save our souls, next thing I know he pulls into a Toys R Us and asked me to sit still… 10 minutes later he comes out with a bulky bag, he then drives us to a park we had passed nearly 10 times, parks, we get out and out of this bag he pulls a kids plastic bowling set, a few sodas, some cotton candy and things he grabbed at the toy store, and we bowled for an hour. It was a blast! We did date for roughly 3 years…

    Worst date ever- Met the guy online- talked for several months, exchanged pictures phone calls ect.. he picks me up for the movies and dinner, was NOTHING like his photos, was about a foot shorter than said (which was about 2 inches shorter than me) was about 3 feet wider than stated. Now, dont get me wrong I have no issues with bigger people I myself am not as thin as I used to be but its like picturing Brad Pitt and Chris Farley showing up. Even tho he lied, I am a trooper and thought to myself that he was a good person to chat with and we had fun talking etc.. we proceed to the movies, he then basically tried every move in the book to get me to make out with him, hold my hand, tried to rub my leg, and put his arm around me and after telling him it wasnt gonna happen about 14 times he continued to force himself towards me, I went to the bathroom and called a friend to meet me across the street at the gas station and go the heck out of there!!!!

    • Jenn…you’re so funny! I absolutely adore your best first date. It would be hard to beat something so sweet!! I’m trying to think what I would have done if someone SO different showed up for a first date! At least you aren’t wondering “what if” since you gave him a chance and he turned out to be so skeevy!!

  9. My first real date was with my husband he knew I love adventure and surprised me with tickets to the biggest water park we had a romantic Pinic first then we spent the whole day enjoying the park I never forgot it it was special for me after everything I’ve been through in life he’s still to this day not only the love of my life but my best friend and biggest support system

  10. My worst first date is with a guy i met on a dating site. The guy shows up 30 minutes late. Smiles to show his is missing his front tooth(never said anything about that). We head into the movie that has been running for 20 minutes and he pounces. Trying to stick his tongue down my throat(always wanted my first kiss to be forced). After fighting him off for 10 minutes I excuse myself to the bathroom but instead head straight for my car and get the heck out of there. He then calls my house and leaves a message about being concerned about me. But leaves a message on my cell calling me all sorts of horrible names.

  11. My worst first date the guy wanted to teach me to bowl. When I swung my hand back with the ball he was standing to close. The ball made impact with his favored body part. I could never look him in the eyes again.

    My best first date was with my wonderful husband. We met on an online dating sight so we wanted some place neutral and public. We decided on a Starbucks that was in a Barns and Nobel. We are both book crazy so it was the perfect place. That night he was running late. He called me a dozen times on his way because he was so scared I was going to leave. He was worth the wait though. We talked till the store closed then made out in the parking lot for over a hour. We will celebrate our 5th wedding ann. on the 18th of this month.

    • Wendy, that poor guy! Bet he never offered to teach bowling again. I love that you and your husband met at a B&N and shared a love of books. That’s so awesome! And early congratulations on your fifth anniversary!

  12. My best date was with my husband we went out to eat and to the movies and at the end of the night we got in a horse carriage and went around the downtown area.

    My worse date was with this guy who remains unnamed. We were out and it started raining so I pulled out my umbrella and he took it from me to hold it, sweet I thought but I was wrong, he hit the unlock button on his key chain then he took off running with the umbrella and left me out in the rain.

    • Chundra, I love carriage rides. They’re so romantic! I’m so sorry for your worst date and the fact that I laughed so loud my husband asked what was up. What a schmuck that guy was. You certainly picked a winner in your romantic sweetie. 🙂

  13. I don’t really have any stand out first dates bad or good, but I can say I have a most memorable one. My now husband took me out to for drinks and pool, at the time we were “just friends”. I was playing pool and having fun beating and flirting my heart out when he came up to me pulled me into his arms and kisses me. It was a moment that you read in all of the usual romance novels the world faded away and there was just me and him. The rest of the courtship was a blur of fun laughter and making memories, but that one moment seems to still bring a smile to my face.

  14. My most memorable date was when I met my “future” husband at a bar and the owner’s wife was a singer there and she invited me to sit at her reserved table. Unknown to me she also invited my “future” husband. We sat down and she went on stage to sing and then went into the office for the rest of the evening leaving us to keep each other company. I found out he was 17 years older and thought to myself well forget him, but as it turned out I didn’t and 6 months later we moved in together and got married 2 years after that; this June we will have been married 30 years.

      • She told us later that she knew in her heart that we were meant to be together and here we are. Thanks for all your great books, can’t wait to read Logan’s story!

  15. So as many know, first dates can be so awkward events of your life. A few years ago I met a man for a lunch first date where he told me all about bowel problems and death. Then I had a pretty good date a few months later with someone else where we went go karting and putt putt golfing. Then we went geotagging.

  16. my worst date ever…. my date took me to one of those hole in the wall places that people claim has the best food, i didn’t think it was all the rave but I’m not one to criticize someone elses tastes. while on the way to take me home he gets pulled over for speeding. to add insult to injury the next day i was diagnosed with food poisioning.

    • Ann, that’s hilarious! Some of those hole-in-the-wall places do turn out to be good, but clearly they can also be a gamble! And not only a bad date, but food poisoning to boot!

  17. My first date was when I was 15..we were both 3rd wheels in a group date..we were both into heavy metal at the time and definitly dressed the part..it was dinner and movie thing..we kinda got stuck together because no one else would talk to us because of how we were dressed(our friends that brought us were “busy”)..ended having the best time with him..he lived about 5 mins away(different school zone) so we never met…ended up dating for over a year..still consider him my first love..we still talk occasinally..he is in the air force now

  18. Recently discovered your books and have rapidly read all The Wolf’s Mates stories. Look forward to Logan’s book. I also like your new Pride stories and look forward to Alek’s story. I hope that you will have a story or stories for James and John soon too. I would love to read theirs. Enjoy reading your books. Thank you. -Kathy

    • Thanks, Kathy! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the stories. You’re not the first to ask about James and John…we’ll see what happens with them in the future. 🙂

  19. Okay, so my worst date: My senior prom. My boyfriend at the time showed up in a top hat and tails(not cool), plus he had shut his jacket in his car door and it was raining out, so it was muddy. His car was a total junker because he ‘accidentally’ cancelled the limo the week before. He had left my flowers in his car, in the hot sun, so they were dead so my mom had to cut and fashion a small bouquet from her garden. He didn’t dance. He didn’t get me a drink. Lets just say the relationship didn’t last long after that.–My best date- the 1st date with my boyfriend now(of 5 years)–he took me out on a sailboat with his friends. it was nice and i got to meet his friends at the same time. love him!

    • Theresa, this is my favorite worst date! So awful…I can picture the top hat and tails. He probably thought he was tres cool! What an excellent first date from your boyfriend, though!!

  20. My best “first” date was with my husband. When we first started dating there was some love triangle-ish drama going on. Once the drama was over with and we started to finally and officially date again we went to the movies to watch The Lake House and had our “first” kiss. It was amazing. That was almost 7 yrs ago.

    • Alex, if you were a character in one of my books, that triangle drama would have worked out with flying colors! LOL I love the sweet ending to the story, though, and am glad that you found someone worthy of how sweet you are!!

  21. My first date with my husband was on the strangest dates I have ever been on. At the beginning of the night it started off with me and two of my friends, who happened to be roping me in our city park for “live rodeo practice” according to them (I spent a lot of time on the ground), my husband showed up and we talked for a couple hours after my friends finally left. After nearly scaring my husband by sharing with him that I have held bobcats down by their necks to get traps off of them and hog tied coyotes, we went to find our friends. One of his best friends, who I also see as a big brother happened to be there with his new truck. My husband, being big into trucks, wanted to take it for a ride. So our friend said “My truck, your girl.” WIthout me agreeing to anything, my husband took off in the truck and was supposed to be right back. While I sat on my friend’s lap. Everytime I went to get up he pulled me back down. I was embarressed and completely uncomfortable with the whole thing. An hour later my husband came back with the truck. The date did end nicely after taking me to my car. I had other first dates before my husband, but that one is the most memorable one out of all of them. I got him back for it down the road. 😉

  22. Just wanted to say that I LOVE all your books. I am impatiently 🙂 waiting for the next book in each series. Keep up the good work!

  23. My most memorable part of my first date with my ex was the end of the date. We met at a restaurant for dinner, which was followed by a movie. The movie theater was right across from the restaurant. But the most memorable part of the date for me was the end. It had started raining while we were watching the movie. As we were walking out he asked where i had parked, he didn’t want me to get wet walking to my car, which was a fair distance from the theater. So he told me to wait undercover while he grabbed his car. He picked me up from the front of the theater, opened my door for me like a real gentleman and drove me to my car so i didn’t get wet. I thought it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me. I then received an sms on my way home checking to make sure i made it home safely, as well as thanking me for a wonderful night and that he was looking forward to our next date. While it didn’t work out with him, at least i came out of the relationship with a very memorable and sweet first date 🙂

    • Lee, it’s that kind of gentlemanly attention that makes my heart go pitter-pat. I love to hear that chivarly isn’t dead. That’s definitely a sweet and memorable first date!

  24. My frist date was at church camp, not to bad…. worst date was at a movie, the guy did not take a bath before we got there and then i could not set next to him.. got really sick after.. great times! LOL…

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  26. Ah! I have to wait a whole month for another book?! Don’t think I’ll be able to make it *sighs dramatically* love love love all your books, hopefully the wait won’t be too bad 🙂

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