The Wolf’s Mate 6 is Here!!

B&N Final (with Best Selling) The Wolf's Mate Book 6 copy It’s finally here!  The sixth book in my Wolf’s Mate Series is out on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble (it will follow on other sites like Apple and Kobo in a few weeks)!  I’m so excited to share Logan’s story.  When I wrote his character in Michael’s book, I knew he would have his own book eventually.  Afterall, who doesn’t like a big hunky, tattooed hero?  I had a ball writing the book, and I hope that you all love him as much as I’ve come to love him, too!

The Wolf’s Mate Book 6:  Logan & Jenna

Jenna Odile planned to spend the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday partying with her friends before she cast a spell to find her truemate.  Before she can, she’s captured by a group of criminally-minded werewolves who want to use her fae-abilities to commit crimes.  Poisoned and left for dead, she used the last of her strength to cast the spell for her truemate, hoping that he would find her before it was too late.

The last thing Logan Anderson wanted to do with his Saturday evening was watch over the young wolf males in his pack while they attended a dance in hopes of finding their mates.  As the night wore on, he began to feel compelled to leave, and his instincts lead him to race into the woods at the side of the highway.  In the darkness of the woods, he found a woman near death, who begged him to protect her.  Now, nothing is more important than helping her get well.  He’ll deal with those who hurt her…  later.

This story contains a male werewolf with a dark past, a fairy who can’t wait to find her truemate, and the betrayal that brings them together.  Features hot werewolf-fairy loving, mythical creatures, full moon madness, and lots of neck biting.

Logan’s Buy Links:

Click HERE for Amazon

Click HERE for Barnes & Noble

Click HERE for Smashwords

I’d like to thank Alexis Arendt at Word Vagabond for editing Logan’s story for me.  When I needed her, she was there for me, and I can’t thank her enough for her insight and help.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand times more:  a great editor is worth their weight in gold!  If you’re in need of an editor, you can find her website HERE.  I couldn’t have gotten Logan’s story done without the help of my two awesome beta readers, Jacq H & Jackie G.  I’m forever in their debt for their help, advice, and support.

I hope that you enjoy Logan and Jenna’s story and another visit to Allen.  Happy Reading! XOXO, RE


40 comments on “The Wolf’s Mate 6 is Here!!

  1. Ooh.. ooh.. MINE!
    And that cover, WHEEW! Hottness!
    You’re the BEST!


  2. Hi,

    I’m very excited about this! When will it be available in the UK? Xx

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Thank you i just bought it and can not wait to read it . I feel like i waited forever for it I LOVE all your books so THANK YOU for more of your amazing storys

  4. Just read “Every Night Forever” again…. lol. I noticed at the end that there might be a 2nd book in this series. I was just wondering if that was still the plan.. I love the world you have created. And of course I am greedy and needy and want more… lol

    • Hi Amy! Yes! There are going to be three books (to start!) with the 2nd book being about Orion and his brothers, and the third book about Nyte and his brothers. The 2nd book (Every Dawn Forever) will be out this summer. I have plans to write another set of three books about new hyenas, too. I just love the hyenas and want to keep writing them for as long as I can!! Thank you so much for your kind words and amazing compliments! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the first book!

  5. Just finished reading! Love Love Love Logan and Jenna!! They are so great! So happy to see justice served. I don’t want to say to much for those who have not got their copy yet, but I truly fell in love. Again. You set things up for a great book 7. I am already ready to dive into it! Who will it be about? Thank you for once again taking me on a wonderful adventure that I will enjoy many more times in the months and years to come. That is, after all, why we read. 🙂

    • Hi Wendy! I’m SO glad that you loved Logan’s book! That really makes me happy! I’m not entirely sure who will get the 7th book, but it will either be Teller, Lindy, or Ben. I didn’t put in a teaser with Logan’s book because I just wasn’t sure who I was going to give the next book to. If I have my way, I hope to have the next wolf book out in the fall, so keep your fingers crossed! Thank you so much for sweet, kind, amazing compliments and taking the time to stop by the blog and share your thoughts! XOXO, RE

      • I hope its Ben! Just finished the book and loved it of course. I was going through the list of books written by you hoping I had missed one but I’ve read them all…. guess I’ll be waiting like everyone else.

      • Aw, Sandra that’s so sweet! I like Ben, too. He’s a sweetie. I haven’t decided yet who will get the next book, I’m concentrating on the mountain lions and hyenas at the moment. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. R E yea I got my book today and it sucks because I am at work so I can’t read it damn damn but hey I do get a hour for lunch so guess what I will be doing today and every chance I get but I know you and its going to be so great and if all else fails I can always become sick and have to go home to rest lol cough cough and of course that would mean laying in bed reading your book : ) Can’t wait to read it but I will be good.


  7. Omg just finished it & I must say I loved it. Logan & Jenna were so sweet & cute together. Jenna was really strong for how she handled what happened in the shack (no spoilers.) The way Darlie treated Logan had me laughing my ass off.

    I can’t wait for the next book but I know if its Ben I’m going to be extremely jealous lols. I loved Ben since Bo’s book. He’s so cute & most guys his age aren’t looking to settle down. Plus he can cook he’s like perfect. Yes I realize he’s not real & how crazy I sound lols, but while I’ll be happy that he’s happy & found love I’ll be extremely heartbroken that its not me.

    • Treasure, your comments have me laughing out loud! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Logan’s book. I loved writing Darlie, she was perfect comic relief.

      You’re not the first to mention Ben. I had no idea the sweetie would be so popular! LOL. I don’t know who will get the next book yet, but he’s on the shortlist. Thanks so much for your kind words and continued support. You’re wonderful. XOXO, RE

      • I just thought of a great idea. You know you could always write me as his mate lols. Name her Treasure & have her be a little 5’1 black & cuban 21yr old girl with jet black hair. You can give me whatever back story you please your the creative one lols.

        Ben is so sweet I love him. I’m like ”awww” & swooning like a goofball every scene he’s in no matter how big or small. We can have a sex scene involving him lick whipped cream off me lols. I’m giving great ideas here lols & I wouldn’t even mind the mess.

      • Treasure, you’re so sweet! I love your ideas! I’m so glad that you like Ben. I’m looking forward to writing his book in the future! 🙂

  8. Hihi I hope you had an amazing mother’s day! As always this book rocked… But I do have a question since this book was due in April but came out this month does this mean Alek’s story won’t be out this month? Will all the books be pushed back a month? And as always your still one of my all time favorite authors.. Happy spring 🙂

    • Hi Jenny! Yes, I had a great Mother’s Day! Thank you so much. I’m glad that you enjoyed Logan’s book.

      I got off to a slow start with Twitch of Tail, which pushed all my other books off schedule. I don’t anticipate Alek’s book coming out until this summer, along with the next hyena heat book. I had really high hopes for the beginning of the year but life got in the way. 🙂 Thank you so much for the amazing compliment! All the best, RE

  9. Hello there R. E., As always, Book #6 ranks on top along with your other previous 5 Wolf Mate books. I can read through any of your books rather quickly because you always capture the reader. I thought this one was different with a twist. The twist being Jenna and her Fae abilities. As I read the book, my mind sort of knew that the changes Jenna was experiencing had something to do with the their blood bond, but I was scared for Jenna and some of the things happening to her, especially when she stepped to Jason the Alpha. I felt as if I was there by the grill and felt that tension take place. YIKES! Glad it was settled with a positive outcome 🙂

    It has been a pleasure to read about these characters and their growth as individuals through each book. I look forward to Ben’s story. I just know there is someone out there for him.
    As always, it was yet another amazing book by the talented R. E. Butler.


    • Desiree, I adore you! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me about Logan’s book. I liked Jenna sassing Jason, too. Funny but tense! I’m humbled to be on the receiving end of your praise and honored to have you as a fan. Thanks again. XOXO, RE

    • Hi RE! I’m so glad to hear that you loved Logan’s book. I had a ball writing it! As a matter of fact, I started working on Lindy’s book yesterday! I’m still not sure if it will be the next one in the series or not, it depends on how things go with the writing, but I’m excited to give her a chance to redeem herself and find a mate. Thanks so much for writing, I love to hear from you! All the best, RE

  10. I have just finished reading Jason’s and Cadence’s story and absolutely loved it .I have purchased the rest of the series and will read them more than once. I’m a sucker for paranormal romances. I couldn’t put this book down. The rest have to be as good if not better. I’s nice to have a bit of everything, romance, humour and suspence. Thankyou R.E. Butler. You have a talent for weaving words to captivate the reader. Keep it up.

    • Hi Maria! I’m so sorry for the delay in replying to you, I’m normally a lot more on top of things!

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed Jason & Cadence’s book and hope that you enjoy the rest of the books in the series! Thank you so much for your amazing words and for taking the time to stop by the blog! All the best, RE

  11. Got it, read it (3times 🙂 ) need more! I love all your books and I can’t wait for the next book to be out, please don’t make me wait too long! 🙂

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