Early Release Day: The Wolf’s Mate Book 4: Michael & Shyne

It’s here….a day early!!!!!  *insert triumphant trumpet blast here*  You can now purchase Michael’s story on Amazon here and Smashwords here, for $1.99 (it will follow to other outlets in 6 to 8 weeks).  For this weekend only, you can purchase this story on Smashwords for any reading device using the coupon code HP82R , for $1 off, good through Sunday night.

The Wolf’s Mate Book 4:  Michael & Shyne

Michael Gerrick was beginning to wonder if he would ever find his truemate.  Fate seemed to smile on him, when he fell hard for the delectable fitness instructor, Shyne.  The only problem:  three were-hyenas want her for their clan and are willing to do anything to get him out of the way.

Shyne Jackson was smitten with Michael from the moment they met.  Swept up by his devastating good looks and sense of humor, she’s unaware of the plotting of her were-hyena bosses behind the scenes as they attempt to keep her and Michael apart.  When they cross the line, will a showdown of fur and claws destroy everything she holds dear?

This book is for mature readers only and contains a wolf looking for his mate, a woman with a dark past, neck biting, plenty of teasing, wisecracks galore, and creative use of a pool table.

* * * * *

I would like to thank Lisa at Editor’s Cove for her help in editing Michael’s story.  When I needed to find a new editor for Michael’s story, Lisa stepped right up to help me and I couldn’t have gotten Michael’s story completed for publication without her help.  If you’re in the market for an editor, you can find her website here, or click on the permanent link on the right of my blog, under the caption, “Services I Use”.  Thank you, Lisa, from the bottom of my heart.

Ramona Lockwood (of Covers by Ramona), the fantastic, creative amazing woman behind not only Michael’s sexy, sexy cover, but also the redone covers for the first three books, is positively amazing.  Going only on my description of the story, she found a model that captured Michael’s sexiness to perfection and gave me a drool-worthy cover.  You can find her website here if you need a book cover, or click the permanent link on the right of the blog.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ramona and I look forward to working with her again on future book covers.

* * * * *

A special thanks to Alex G., who works behind the scenes on the FB page and always has something wonderfully supportive and fun to say, to Jacq McNeill., who loves Michael almost as much as I do and gave me some lovely insights into his story, to Kameko G., because she’s Michael’s O.F. (Original Fan) and gave me many of his snappy comebacks.  To my new fans and friends…thank you all so much for your support and encouragement.  Your enthusiasm for my books keeps me going.

I have the best job and the best fans in the world!  XOXO, R


18 comments on “Early Release Day: The Wolf’s Mate Book 4: Michael & Shyne

    • I love your enthusiasm, Geri! Bo is next and I’m working on the 2nd draft right now and my hope is to have it out at some point in January!

  1. Was on my way to work and just happend to look at my inbox and saw the early release on the line, and I stopped and brought it right there. I’m so happy!

  2. Your books Curve of Claw, and Flash of Fang were my first shifter books that I had read. I loved them, and they are still my favorite. I am looking forward to reading some more of your books.

  3. It was so good! I stayed up all night last night reading it..I can’t wait to read the next one!! When is the next were- bear book coming out..I am in need of my bears! Now I am going to read all your other books again! Yay! I swear I reread them every week.

    • Aw, you’re so sweet! Griegs story will be out November 1, so you won’t have to wait too long! Thanks for the amazing compliment!!

  4. I LOVE this book! This one, I think, is the best so far. Jason and Cade’s story is still my favorite, I’ve read it a bunch of times, lol… This story is awesome! I hope Dante and his brothers find their HEA. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from them *hint *hint 😉 …
    I CAN’T WAIT for Bo’s story! Next year can’t get here fast enough! LoL 😛
    Thank you for these wonderful books!!

    • Aw, thank you so much, GinaMarie! You made my day! *grin* Bo’s story will be here soon, I’m hoping it will be ready in January!

  5. I finished it in one day. I couldn’t put it down it was so good. I can’t wait for Bo’s story the excerpt was such a tease. I love the action & romance that we get from your books. I can’t wait for your next were-bear story either I want to see Griegs finally get his mate. I know how upset he was when Elizabeth was chosen to be Axe & Ash’s mate instead of his.

    • Thanks so much!! I’m glad you liked Michael’s story, I had so much fun writing his story. I’m excited for everyone to see Griegs’ story, so watch the blog for a teaser update soon!

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